Choose France: what are the first eight investment projects which will be made official this Monday?

Choose France: what are the first eight investment projects which will be made official this Monday?
Choose France: what are the first eight investment projects which will be made official this Monday?

Several companies are expected to announce this Monday, during the 7th Choose France summit, at the Palace of Versailles, that they want to invest in artificial intelligence and IT in France. The Ministry of the Economy has, for the moment, put forward five projects in various industries (fertilizers, nickel, aviation, household robots, chemicals) and three others from banks which will hire in Paris.

A potential fertilizer factory

The biggest project at this stage, in euros, concerns a potential fertilizer factory which would greatly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, the first gas to warm the atmosphere. The European consortium FertigHy will announce that it is considering investing 1.3 billion euros in a factory in the Somme, in Languevoisin, according to Roland Lescure in the Tribune Dimanche.

The plant would produce nitrogen fertilizer without using natural gas, which is the historic ingredient. Hydrogen extracted from water in an electrolyzer will replace a gas that Europeans once imported largely from Russia.

The project, whose final investment decision is expected at the end of 2026, is a “road map for European sovereignty”, Jose Antonio de las Heras Alonso, general director of FertigHy, told AFP.

Nickel refining

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, announced, for his part, the creation of a nickel refining plant in the municipalities of Blanquefort-Parempuyre (Nouvelle Aquitaine) by the company KL1 based in Switzerland.

The Blanquefort site “had been very marked by the closure of Ford”, recalled the minister during a telephone call with the press. Amount of investment: 300 million euros, for 200 jobs, according to him. The start of activity is planned for 2027.

“With this investment, France will be able to have the entire electric vehicle value chain: mining, refining, cathodes, battery, electric vehicle,” he assured. A fortiori because the Belgian chemical group Solvay will reconvert its La Rochelle factory to “soon launch the first phase of a large-scale rare earth production unit”, announced Roland Lescure.

Rare earths are essential for the engines of electric cars. The investment could ultimately reach 100 million euros, according to him.

Aviation and Thermomix

Bruno Le Maire also announced a future aeronautical factory with the German company Lilium “in a site which remains to be determined but which will be in New Aquitaine, to produce an electric regional plane and the reconditioning of the batteries of this electric regional plane”.

“The investment amounts to 400 million euros, represents 850 jobs and the entry into service of the factory is planned for 2026,” he continued. Lilium develops vertical take-off and landing devices in Germany.

More modest, the German manufacturer of the luxurious Thermomix household robot, Vorwerk, will, according to Roland Lescure, create 50 jobs in the Châteaudun region, where it already has a factory (72 million will be invested). “Tomorrow, there will be 1.8 million Thermomixes produced per year in France, 85% of which are intended for export,” says Roland Lescure.

The German electrical equipment specialist Hager, already established in Obernai and Bischwiller (Bas-Rhin), will invest “several tens of millions of euros” in France, a Source close to the matter told AFP this Friday, confirming information from Le Monde.

Three international banking facilities

Finally, Bruno Le Maire announced that the American bank Morgan Stanley, which had grown from 150 to 400 employees in France in three years, would welcome its new European campus in Paris (100 additional jobs).

First Abu Dhabi Bank, the main Emirati bank, and Zenith Bank, a Nigerian bank that has become one of the main pan-African banks, will set up in Paris, according to the same Source. “What is interesting is to see the confirmation of Anglo-Saxon investments but also the deployment of financial investors outside Anglo-Saxon countries,” said Bruno Le Maire who will have lunch this Monday with representatives of large international banks.

The minister’s office refused to confirm information circulating in the press concerning other investments, notably from the giant Amazon.



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