Many mothers fear returning to face-to-face work, here’s why

Many mothers fear returning to face-to-face work, here’s why
Many mothers fear returning to face-to-face work, here’s why

It is not always easy to reconcile work and family, especially for parents. As Mother’s Day approaches, a survey found that more than half fear losing flexibility in their jobs in 2024.

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More precisely, the figure would rise to 68% according to the survey conducted by the firm Robert Half.

For Tara Parry, director of permanent services at Robert Half Talent Solutions and mother of two, having flexibility provides her with a sense of trust in her employer that allows her to do what she needs to “get it done.” work”, while being a good mother. She can then encourage her children during their sporting events, she said in an interview with Global News.

According to her, the pandemic has allowed many people to gain flexibility, particularly due to teleworking. However, more and more companies are requiring a return to face-to-face work.

“It’s so essential to have that flexibility as a working mother and I think if it was taken away from me now, I would have to find another option,” Ms Parry said.

Faced with this fear, 53 of the mothers interviewed said they felt “trapped”.

“They feel stuck because they want to stay and keep much of that, the benefits and gifts going forward and (still) see many employers pressuring employees to come back to the office.” , then explained to the English media Carrie Gallant, executive leadership coach and founder of the Gallant Leader Institute.

So to arrive at a viable solution for both parties, a discussion between employer and employee can help reach agreements that are satisfactory for all, she added.



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