Earn Tokens for Free Using These Crypto Apps

You will earn crypto using these projects

For this new “crypto airdrop” there are once again multiple ways to win, a bit like PRYZM or Laika.AI. No staking this time, but quests to complete and uses that will be rewarded.

Indeed, since for the Cookie project whose token will soon be launched, you will be able to earn $COOKIE if you use applications from the same ecosystem. Good news, the list is rather long among these with applications that are becoming more and more popular.

Source : https://twitter.com/Cookie3_com/status/1788569614332391762.

We notably remember ChainGPT, one of the most popular launchpads of the moment, but also Mantle, whose MNT is well known to everyone. However, the list does not end there with other launch platforms like Polkastarter which allows you to earn points. In total, more than 17 projects are involved and offer reward points to their users. These same points will subsequently be exchangeable for $COOKIE tokens.

This same $COOKIE token will soon be open for trading after a final pre-sale on the GPT Launchpad in particular.

To go further: here are the airdrops to watch in 2024.

If you’re hungry for $COOKIE, there are several opportunities available to you! First, if you use one of the ecosystem projects, you will be able to earn your first points. Then, several quests are available to you, in order to earn even more points and even more $COOKIEs afterwards. Some have a deadline but others are still open, and they will undoubtedly allow you to grab a larger portion of the 5 million $COOKIEs that will be distributed.

But still, through SEO, you can earn even more points. When you invite a friend by sharing your link, you will earn 16% of their total points collected. This, of course, without taking away any points from the latter.

To start collecting $COOKIE, click here. And to find out more about the project, the Litepaper is here.

Moral of the story: The reward is even greater when it is unexpected.


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