How to invest in 2024 to obtain a pension later?

How to invest in 2024 to obtain a pension later?
How to invest in 2024 to obtain a pension later?

The idea of ​​becoming an annuitant appeals to a good number of more or less young French people, aspiring to secure their financial future. Investing to obtain an annuity consists of placing capital in different places with the aim of receiving a regular income later. But for this, there are investments that are more or less simple to make and more or less profitable.

Choice of investor profile and definition of objectives

To begin your journey towards becoming an annuitant, it is essential to clearly define your investor profile.

To know where to invest, you need to consider your risk aversion, your investment horizon and your return expectations. To help you, we provide a compound interest calculator which will allow you to carry out different simulations.

If your choice is the stock market, a conservative investor might favor bonds or investment funds that guarantee capital, while a more aggressive profile might opt ​​for stocks or index funds potentially offering better long-term returns.

L’objective main being to constitute a sum allowing to cover current expenses without eroding the initial capital.

? Type of investment Features
? Savings books Offer security, modest returns (up to 5% for LEP), accessible and tax-free
? Actions Growth potential, possibility of dividends, accessible via accounts such as PEA
? Investment funds Managed by professionals, diversify investments, accessible from €300 via life insurance
? SCPI and SCI Indirect real estate investment, accessible from €300, managed by professionals
? Real estate crowdfunding Allows you to invest in real estate projects with reduced amounts
? Cryptocurrencies Highly speculative, high return potential, significant volatility risk
? Responsible investments Integrate ESG, ethical and sustainable criteria, accessible via thematic funds
? Gold Safe haven, possibility of investing via gold ETFs, diversifies the portfolio

To become an annuitant, forget the Livret A and other regulated accounts

Of course, they are tax-exempt, but they offer low returns. With 3% in 2024, a full Livret A would earn you just over €650. With our Livret A return simulator, you can find out how much you will earn over one year.

It all depends on your starting capital, but to become an annuitant (and above all to live off your annuities) over a 20-30 year horizon, you will have to aim for a return of around 8-10%.

The choice of suitable financial supports

THE financial support play a crucial role in the creation of an annuity. There are a multitude of options: rental real estate, stock market, life insurance, SCPI, etc. Each has specific benefits depending on individual needs.

Real estate, for example, can provide stable rental income with potential capital gains on resale, but requires a significant initial investment and ongoing management.

Stocks, although offering high growth potential, are subject to significant volatility which may not be suitable for all profiles.

Diversification is often recommended in order to distribute risks and stabilize sources of income.

Use of investment accounts and taxation

The organization of finances through different investment accounts directly influences the performance of investments and their taxation.

In France, certain accounts such as life insurance and PEA offer notable tax advantages after a certain holding period, thus optimizing net returns. Knowing how to maneuver between tax credits, reductions and exemptions can significantly contribute to the efficiency of the investment strategy.

For example, savings placed in life insurance for more than eight years benefit from a reduction on interest, which makes it a particularly attractive investment vehicle for generating an annuity.



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