How to benefit from the energy check: Complete guide

How to benefit from the energy check: Complete guide
How to benefit from the energy check: Complete guide

The energy check is a valuable aid that supports households in difficulty facing increasing energy costs. This tool helps households finance their energy bills or energy renovation work. In this article, we will explain in detail how to benefit from the energy check, the steps to follow, and how to use it best.

What is the energy check?

The energy check is a help government aimed at low-income households. It was designed to support them in the face of rising energy costs. This check is sent annually to its beneficiaries and can be used for:

  • Pay bills for electricity, gas, fuel oil, or other energy sources.
  • Finance energy renovation work to improve the energy efficiency of housing.

It is important to note that the energy check cannot be cashed directly by the beneficiary. It must be used with energy suppliers or approved professionals.

Who can benefit from the energy check?

To be eligible for the energy check, it is necessary to meet certain criteria based on:

  1. Reference Tax Income (RFR) : Household income must be below a certain threshold. This threshold varies depending on the composition of the household.
  2. Household Composition : The larger the household, the higher the threshold.
  3. The Location of the Accommodation : The accommodation must be used as a primary residence.

Here are some examples of thresholds to benefit from the energy check:

  • For a single person: approximately 10,800 euros of maximum RFR.
  • For a couple without children: approximately 16,200 euros of maximum RFR.

How to apply?

Good news ! No specific request is necessary. The energy check is automatically allocated to eligible households based on their income tax return. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Tax return : Make sure you have correctly declared your income to the tax authorities.
  2. Calculation of Fees : The tax administration automatically calculates your rights based on income and household composition.
  3. Sending the Check : If you are eligible, the energy check will be sent to you by post between March and April.

How to use the energy check?

Once you have received the energy check, several options are available to you to use it effectively.

  1. Pay Energy Bills : Give it to your electricity, gas, fuel oil or wood supplier. You can also use it to pay your bill online, via a unique code provided on the check.
  2. Carry out Renovation Work : Entrust the check to an approved professional to finance all or part of the energy improvement work in your home.
  3. Pre-Allocate the Check : If you want to use it regularly for your invoices, you can opt for pre-allocation. This means the check will automatically be sent to your energy supplier, who will deduct it from your bill.

Note : It is important to check the validity of the check and use it before it expires.

How to use your energy check: Complete guide

Additional aid

In addition to the energy check, there are other devices that can help reduce energy costs:

  • MaPrimeRénov’ : Financial assistance for renovation work.
  • Energy Savings Certificates (EEC) : Energy suppliers offer financial assistance in the form of bonuses for energy improvement works.
  • Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL) : Aid for people in difficulty, allocated by departmental councils.

frequently asked Questions

What to do if you lose your energy check?

If you have lost your check, contact customer service dedicated to energy checks. They will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain a replacement.

Can I use the energy check for several suppliers?

Yes, you can split the use of the energy check according to your needs, provided that the total amount is used within the validity period.

What should I do if my energy supplier refuses the check?

Suppliers are legally required to accept the energy check. If a refusal occurs, contact the energy check customer service to obtain assistance and assert your rights.

The energy check is an essential tool to help low-income households meet energy costs. Thanks to automated distribution, it allows beneficiaries to be reached quickly, thus reducing administrative complexity. It is therefore crucial to understand how to benefit from the energy check and to ensure that you use it as best as possible to optimize your energy expenses.



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