Abderrazzak Mennioui: “Somacan wants to change the image of cannabis”

Abderrazzak Mennioui: “Somacan wants to change the image of cannabis”
Abderrazzak Mennioui: “Somacan wants to change the image of cannabis”

Abderrazzak Mennioui
Managing Director of Somacan

The Fez-Meknes region is poised to become a major player in the production of cannabis for cosmetic and food use in Morocco. The Somacan company, which already holds nearly 60% of national production, is banking on the potential of CBD to create 100% Moroccan “well-being” products.

What is Somacan’s ambition regarding cannabis?
Cannabis is truly an exceptional plant that contains multiple molecules with astonishing properties. Of course, we especially know THC, the psychoactive molecule that made this plant famous. But there are actually 239 other molecules in cannabis that we could exploit for their benefits in terms of health, beauty and general well-being.

Studies have shown that CBD is probably the most promising molecule, known throughout the world for its countless beneficial virtues in almost all aspects. Our ambition is therefore to promote this unique plant in order to produce a 100% Moroccan product of very high quality. We are lucky to have been among the first to cultivate cannabis here in Morocco, where this plant is particularly widespread. We therefore have considerable ancestral expertise in this area.

How is your business adapting to regulations for operating cannabis?
In Somacan, we have taken specific measures to strictly comply with the regulations. First of all, we imported a special variety of seeds, rich in CBD but with a very low THC content, unlike the cannabis variety traditionally grown in Morocco which contains a lot of this molecule responsible for psychoactive effects.

The authorization we have obtained from the competent authorities specifically allows us to cultivate a variety of cannabis whose THC level remains less than 1%. It is this variety that we cultivated last year, obtaining a very significant production. From this harvest, we were able to manufacture food supplements and cosmetic products, while remaining within the strict regulatory framework of authorized uses of low-THC cannabis.

In your opinion, what are the market opportunities for cannabis products, in Morocco and internationally?
The cannabis market, especially for products rich in CBD, is truly enormous whether in Morocco or abroad. Internationally, people are very familiar with this molecule and its supposed beneficial effects on health. So there is already strong demand in these foreign markets.

In Morocco, this is a very first since we obtained authorization to market these cannabis-based products during the last edition of SIAM in 2024. The market potential is therefore truly enormous in Morocco. And we were also pleasantly surprised to see that Moroccans already have a certain knowledge of these molecules like CBD. There is therefore already a base of informed potential consumers.

Mehdi Idrissi / ECO Inspirations



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