Train Montreal-New York | Service still interrupted

Train Montreal-New York | Service still interrupted
Train Montreal-New York | Service still interrupted

No trains will connect Montreal and New York for several weeks, starting in mid-May, due to work on the railway.

Published at 12:54 a.m.

Updated at 9:00 a.m.

The rail carrier Amtrak will not offer any replacement for the service, which will be limited to connecting New York to the city of Saratoga Springs, “until July”.

“Service has been canceled due to maintenance work on the rail,” Amtrak said in response to a customer service inquiry. “We apologize for any impact. We made this decision to offer more pleasant and safer trips to our customers. »

The cancellation “is effective May 21” and “there is no replacement transportation,” Amtrak customer service continued. The media relations department, for its part, did not return a call The Press.

Saratoga Springs is located halfway through the usual Adirondack route – the name of the connection. The train usually takes around 11 hours to connect Montreal to New York. Some 117,000 passengers used it in 2019.

The situation “clearly demonstrates the importance we place on intercity services,” reacted Sarah V. Doyon, spokesperson for the public transport user defense organization Trajectoire Québec. “This lack of interest in offering alternatives speaks for itself. »

“It doesn’t give much hope for other rail projects,” she said.

“Long-term solution”

The Adirondack has had some extremely difficult years since 2020.

Its service was interrupted with the start of the pandemic and only resumed three years later, in 2023.

Two months later, however, the train was immobilized for weeks: the arrival of hot weather created difficulties on part of the railway line. Canadian legislation imposed a significant reduction in speed on trains due to the state of the rails.

“Unfortunately, Amtrak, CN and the New York State Department of Transportation have not found a feasible solution for this summer,” Amtrak said last July. The company specified that continuing to operate the line during the summer could lead to “significant delays of up to four hours”.

Amtrak said discussions were continuing “to develop a long-term solution so that Amtrak trains can operate to and from Montreal in the coming summers.”

Without a response from Amtrak, it was not possible to know if it is the implementation of the “long-term solution” which is causing the cancellation of the service as of May 21.

The service resumed last fall.

With Henri Ouellette-Vézina, The Press



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