Teaching: the private University of Fez, a nursery for new generation engineers

Teaching: the private University of Fez, a nursery for new generation engineers
Teaching: the private University of Fez, a nursery for new generation engineers

The UPF highlights the engineering profession by organizing a week of events focused on innovation and the skills of tomorrow. Emphasis is placed on the importance of soft skills and communication skills, in addition to technical knowledge, to succeed in an ever-changing world.

The Private University of Fez (UPF) is celebrating this week the multiple facets of the engineering profession in the digital age. The 4th edition of Engineering Careers Week, under the theme “Soft skills, digital transformation and certifications, developing the know-how of tomorrow’s engineers”, highlights the essential skills required to practice these professions of future.

Beyond technical expertise, “soft skills” such as communication, leadership and adaptability are more essential than ever for future engineers called to evolve in a constantly changing environment. During the opening ceremony, Mohamed Aziz Lahlou, president of the UPF, underlined the importance of the skills required to practice the profession of engineer today.

“These skills, once focused on scientific and technological knowledge, now extend to varied areas such as finance, commerce, management, law and social skills,” he explained.

Lahlou insisted on the role of “soft skills” or human skills sought by employers and which are constantly evolving. “While rigor and organization remain essential, they must now be complemented by communication skills, a lively mind and great curiosity,” he added, addressing engineering students. He also highlighted that the study path at UPF will offer numerous opportunities to develop these valuable skills, whether through courses, international experiences or internships and projects. In addition, involvement in university life will also help hone qualities such as time management, leadership and teamwork.

Evolution of skills in a changing international context
Mohammed Ouazzani Jamil, dean of the faculty of engineering sciences and vice-president of the UPF, for his part highlighted the evolution of the skills expected of engineers, in a changing international context. “While the professions most in demand in the future will be linked to new technologies such as artificial intelligence where Big Data, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities, in other words soft skills, will remain human qualities highly sought after by businesses,” he said.

According to Ouazzani, beyond technical skills, these soft skills constitute real added value for future engineers, provided they know how to discover them, cultivate them and develop them throughout their career. The UPF thus trains versatile engineer profiles, mastering both the technical expertise and the human and managerial qualities essential to face the challenges of the future.

A varied program at the heart of innovation
This 4th Engineering Career Week will offer a rich program of activities to discover the different fields of engineering. Indeed, several student competitions will highlight the expertise of UPF engineering students.

In the digital field, we will find the 7th edition of the UPF Coding Challenge as well as an IoT Challenge competition organized by Embedded Systems Engineering students. Civil engineering will also be in the spotlight with a challenge on “Construction to the extreme” exploring the digital revolution in engineering structures.

Robotics will occupy pride of place with the 1st edition of the regional junior challenge “ADAS Robotics Challenge” and the 7th edition of the national competition “National UR Competition” this year emphasizing “innovation for safety”.

Renewable energies will not be left out with a conference dedicated to the “Energy Revolution: research, engineering and innovation for a sustainable future 5.0”. A program allowing you to explore the multiple facets of engineering today and tomorrow.

Mehdi Idrissi / ECO Inspirations



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