Arab Electricity Union conference held in Casablanca

Arab Electricity Union conference held in Casablanca
Arab Electricity Union conference held in Casablanca

Organized on May 7 and 8 in partnership with Namae Group, a holding company in charge of managing operations and providing electricity, water and sanitation services in the Sultanate of Oman and the Academy of management studies and administrative development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, this conference aims to promote sustainable development while emphasizing innovation in the training and development of human resources in the electricity sector, indicates ONEE in a press release.

This meeting saw the participation of several members of the UAE, speakers and experts from different countries in the Arab world.

In his opening speech, Mr. El Hafidi stressed that investment in continuing training and human resources development programs contributes directly to increasing efficiency, improving productivity and strengthening the adaptation of institutions and companies to environmental and social challenges as well as rapid economic changes.

He also highlighted the Office’s structuring strategies and projects aimed at improving and developing its human capital and its effective investment in the personal and professional development of employees.

Furthermore, Mr. El Hafidi congratulated the UAE for its commitment to developing human resources management tools to meet the sustainability challenges imposed by the electricity sector in the Arab world.

Several areas are addressed during the conference such as the role of continuing education in achieving the objectives of sustainable development and productivity, the use of artificial intelligence in the evaluation of training programs, digitalization and the impacts of digital transformation on professional performance, design and development strategies and the importance of scientific research in promoting the culture of innovation.

During their interventions, participants highlighted the importance of human resources development and their role in sustainability within any organization, a key element that stimulates innovation and technological, environmental, social and economic progress.

By focusing on developing skills and capabilities, and improving awareness and knowledge of sustainable working practices, institutions and companies can prepare future leaders and employees to be more effective in implementing sustainability strategies. .

As a reminder, the UAE is made up of Arab energy institutions whose objective is to promote cooperation in the field of energy.

Since assuming his presidency, Mr. El Hafidi has guided the Union towards achieving its strategic objectives of restructuring and promoting sustainability in the electricity sector in Arab countries. Under his presidency, the UAE aspires to the development and sharing of expertise, the promotion of investments in renewable energies in order to meet the growth and development aspirations of the Arab world.



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