Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reveals AI adoption in Switzerland

Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reveals AI adoption in Switzerland
Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reveals AI adoption in Switzerland

Zurich (ots)

Today, Microsoft released its fourth Work Trend Index, a joint annual report with LinkedIn, which reveals the importance and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, highlighting that:

  • 82% of Swiss knowledge workers use generative AI at work, well above the global average of 75%.
  • While 70% of Swiss executives believe their company must adopt AI to remain competitive, 51% of them are concerned that their organization’s leaders lack a clear plan and vision for its deployment.
  • 74% of Swiss executives say they prefer to hire candidates who are proficient in AI rather than candidates who are otherwise more qualified. Additionally, 70% of Swiss leaders consider AI skills a non-negotiable priority.

“In less than two years, generative AI has established itself as an essential tool in the professional environment. The integration of AI is not only a technological development but also a driver of innovation and growth, inaugurating a new era in the world of work,” explains Catrin Hinkel, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland. “Particularly in Switzerland, recognized as the most innovative country in the world, companies are continually looking to adopt cutting-edge technologies and integrate generative AI into their businesses. More than 250 Swiss companies and startups are already leveraging our Azure OpenAI service to optimize their operations. This enthusiasm is part of a broader trend where companies are resolutely turning to AI to strengthen human skills. For our clients, AI has established itself as a central element in the conduct of their operations. digital transformation.

For the report, Microsoft and LinkedIn surveyed 31,000 people in 31 countries, including

1,000 in Switzerland, helping identify work and hiring trends from LinkedIn, as well as trillions of productivity signals from Microsoft 365.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced new features for Copilot for Microsoft 365 to improve the user experience. These include auto-complete prompts to improve results, a rewrite feature to refine user queries, and a “catch-up” feature for personalized activity insights. The all-new Copilot Lab offers the ability to create and manage personalized commands tailored to the specific requirements of each team. These innovations will be gradually implemented in the coming months.

The full Work Trend Index report is available here. You can also learn more about how AI is reshaping the job market from LinkedIn Chief Economist Karin Kimbrough here.

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