2 million DH for the demolition of the Rabat racecourse

A call for tenders was launched by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Horses (SOREC) relating to the destruction of the Rabat racecourse.

An investment of 2,067,720 dirhams was allocated by SOREC to the demolition of the Rabat racecourse, stipulates a tender notice consulted by Challenge.ma. The provisional bail was set at 31,000 dirhams.

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The purpose of this call for tenders is to define the works to be carried out or the equipment or installations implemented and in working order by the Contractor and the functional requirements to which these works and installations must meet, as well as the technical requirements relating to the demolition work of the existing and site fencing of all kinds to be carried out with a view to the construction of the new Rabat racecourse which will be built in the same place.

Note that the future Rabat racecourse, whose construction is planned for 2026, was entrusted by SOREC to the architect Said Berrada in collaboration with the WILMOTTE & ASSOCIES ARCHITECTES firm.

A new futuristic racecourse

This new racecourse, which will cover an area of ​​5,900 m² for infrastructures and 21,300 m² for outdoor spaces, will be dedicated to national and international races.

The new building is intended to be futuristic. The architectural project of the “grandstand building” of the Rabat racecourse must combine aesthetics and functionality to capture the spirit and energy of thoroughbred racing. Inspired by the power and grace of a galloping thoroughbred, this building is designed with an impressive vaulted roof that symbolizes the strength and dynamic tension of racing. “The ambitious spans and generous openings promise an immersive experience for spectators, plunging them into the heart of the action,” says Wilmotte.

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“The commitment to authenticity and respect for local heritage is evident in the choice of materials, such as natural stone and olive wood, as well as in the decorative elements subtly evoking the equestrian theme. These design choices not only underline the elegance and subtlety of the theme but also reinforce the building’s anchoring in Moroccan culture, making it an iconic symbol of the racecourse,” assures the same Source.



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