Should Belgians expect radical change on store shelves? “Maybe one day they will disappear from supermarkets, but…”

Brown eggs are becoming less and less popular in Dutch and German supermarkets. In Belgium, they nevertheless retain a certain popularity. However, white eggs could soon take their place, at least in the hearts of consumers.


In any case, we are seeing an increase in the number of white eggs offered for sale in Belgian stores. Behind this growing appeal lies a simple reality: white eggs are less expensive than their brown cousins.

“White eggs are more durable to produce than brown eggs. This is because hens that lay white eggs need less food while producing the same number of eggs. This ensures that the ecological footprint of their eggs is lower than that of their “colleagues” who lay brown eggs. In addition, the purchase price in the supermarket is therefore lower,” explains Ine Kempen, from the Poultry Farming Pilot Company.

The quality and flavor of white and brown eggs are similar, however, our colleagues at HLN report. Hence the growing craze for white eggs. From there to completely replacing brown eggs. Not so fast. The brown egg market continues to do well, particularly at Lidl.

Supermarket customers did not expect to experience such a situation while shopping

“Compared to other countries, we stick much more to brown eggs. Maybe one day they will disappear from supermarkets, but that is certainly not the case at the moment,” concludes Ine Kempen.



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