RAM prepares to receive 12 Boeing planes – Today Morocco

RAM prepares to receive 12 Boeing planes – Today Morocco
RAM prepares to receive 12 Boeing planes – Today Morocco

The national airline RAM is strengthening its fleet while awaiting the results of the international call for tenders which has just been launched. A dozen aircraft, all Boeing, have been announced by the company’s management. The details.

The honeymoon continues between RAM and the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, much to the dismay of the European manufacturer Airbus. Additional US brand aircraft are expected on the tarmacs of the Kingdom’s airports in the coming months. While awaiting the results of the international call for tenders which has just been launched for the acquisition of new aircraft by RAM for all the main aircraft manufacturers on the international market, the management of the company has already made its arrangements to expand its fleet in order to open new lines planned under the program contract signed with the State. “While waiting for the results of the call for tenders which could take months, we are not going to sit idly by,” said Abdelhamid Addou, president and CEO of the airline Royal Air Maroc.

In a statement to journalists from RFI and Jeune Afrique, the number one RAM revealed that the company is preparing to receive 12 additional planes, all from the American aircraft manufacturer’s factories.
The new acquisitions, probably in leasing format, consist of wide-body aircraft as well as single-aisle aircraft. In detail, Abdelhamid Addou explained that RAM will receive two wide-body aircraft between September and December, in this case Boeing 787 Dreamliners. According to the same Source, the ten other planes ordered are Boeing MAX which will arrive between October this year and March and April next year. It should be noted that the Moroccan company already has Dreamliners as well as MAXs in its fleet, which will facilitate the integration of the new aircraft as quickly as possible. This will allow, according to the company’s CEO, to open the lines planned under the program contract with the State in the coming months. The announced lines concern Africa such as Abuja in Nigeria and Ndjamena in Chad without forgetting connections with Europe, notably Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Thus, the Moroccan commercial fleet continues to be composed mainly of Boeing aircraft for technical and economic reasons. That said, RAM is preparing to change dimension with the recent launch of an international call for tenders. The call for tenders for the purchase of new aircraft comes as Morocco’s airline, one of the largest in Africa, begins an ambitious development project to meet growing demand in the market. The announcement was made by the CEO of RAM to the international news agency Reuters. “The call for tenders was launched on April 15,” declared Abdelhamid Addou. RAM plans to quadruple its fleet within ten years, as the country prepares to co-host the 2030 World Cup with Spain and Portugal. This large-scale tender is generally not made public to preserve confidentiality. In October, Mr Addou said RAM was looking to buy 200 planes, mostly medium-haul with some long- and short-haul aircraft, to compete in a growing African market. RAM connects around fifty African airports with a fleet of 52 planes, mainly Boeings.
Addou previously said the RAM plan helps achieve Morocco’s goal of attracting 17.5 million tourists by 2026 and 26 million by 2030. Last year, Morocco recorded record tourist arrivals of 14.5 million. In the summer of 2023, a program contract was signed with the State under which RAM will quadruple its air fleet, from 50 aircraft currently to 200 over the next 15 years. This program contract is part of the government’s support for the strategic roadmap for the tourism sector 2023-2026, which aims to position Morocco among the major global tourist destinations, with 120 billion dirhams in revenue. in foreign currency and the creation of 80,000 direct and 120,000 indirect job opportunities, in addition to strengthening the role of the tourism sector in attracting investments and creating businesses.

The RAM will also ensure the development of air links accompanying the strategic roadmap of the tourism sector, through the opening of new international destinations, with the aim also of strengthening links between the Moroccan community established abroad and the motherland, as well as the opening up of a set of regions in the Kingdom, through the strengthening of domestic air links by the establishment of 46 new services. The 2023-2037 program contract between the government and Royal Air Maroc (RAM) will make it possible to connect Mohammed V airport to a significant number of new destinations, the Minister of Transport and Logistics said at the end of 2023 in Rabat, Mohammed Abdeljalil. Responding to an oral question in the House of Representatives, the minister indicated that the program contract will offer the possibility to RAM to rise to the rank of major airlines on a global and regional scale by increasing its fleet of 50 aircraft currently at 200 in 2037. Likewise, it aims to transform the Casablanca hub into a major and most important hub on the African continent. The company plans to gradually strengthen its flight program, change size to focus more on the expansion of the fleet and the improvement of the customer experience, as well as the opening of medium and long-haul routes on four continents. It also aims to increase the number of tourists in Morocco to 21 million per year, from 69 countries and on four continents, by 2037.

A goal of 130 planes
Conference. The development projects underway in Casablanca are gaining momentum, making great strides and the 2030 horizon is playing the role of catalyst in this regard, participants in a conference-debate recently organized in Casablanca agreed. Speaking on this occasion, the President and CEO of Royal Air Maroc (RAM), Abdelhamid Addou, focused on the measures taken to improve Casablanca’s airport connectivity by 2030. Mr. Addou emphasized , in particular, on the doubling of the RAM fleet to reach 130 aircraft, the increase in the reception capacity of Mohammed V airport, in particular through the addition of a new terminal and the improvement of infrastructure, in addition to the strengthening of international air links from the Casablanca region. The CEO of RAM also returned to the airline’s development plan for the period 2023-2037, announced in July 2023, and aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of RAM and improving the quality of its services.



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