these three versions of the Duster are not planned!

The Dacia Duster which will arrive in dealerships next June will have many variants. In addition to the range offered in Western Europe, it will be badged Renault in Turkey, Nissan in India, where it will also be adorned with a diamond and also available in an extended 7-seater version. In Latin America, a Duster coupe will be on the menu as well as a pick-up.

As you will have understood, the Renault group, which has great ambitions for itself, has seen things big by casting its net very widely. However, there are still three tracks that will remain in the pipeline. Find out why.

Dacia Duster Cabriolet: just a sunroof…

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The Hungarian artist x-tomi thought up this Dacia Duster convertible.© x-tomi design

Among the rare convertible SUVs, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the Volkswagen T-Toc have not had the expected success. Too elitist a path in which Dacia will not take its Duster. Moreover, without going as far as removing the entire roof of the Duster, the simple idea of ​​offering a sunroof is not being considered. Indeed, during customer surveys carried out by the Romanian brand, the sunroof was not one of the requests.

This is therefore one less expense for engineers and technicians, because let’s not lose sight of the fact that this small skylight requires roof reinforcements and above all, two types of body on the assembly line. Moreover, in order to reduce costs, the new Duster has clearly streamlined its look. A single type of shield and body protections in recycled grained plastic all around the bodywork are generalized across the entire range.

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Dacia Duster electric: “not “cheap” enough my son…”

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A plug-in Duster is already being considered, but will be offered on the next version, the fourth generation. Not before.© Didier RIC

Designed on the Renault group’s CMF-B technical platform, the third generation Dacia Duster would “in theory” have no trouble switching to 100% electric. It has already taken the first step towards electrification by offering a full hybrid version with 140 hp, with the traction chain introduced in the range by the Dacia Jogger. But the Duster will not go further, do not count on a plug-in hybrid variant, the one for which the Renault Captur backed out because it was too expensive on a machine of such small size and ultimately of little relevance to customers. And for a completely battery-powered model, Dacia will not be able to avoid it indefinitely, however, in the current state of things the economic equation remains insoluble.

Dacia, which has carefully set the starting price of its new Duster which will arrive in dealerships next June below the symbolic bar of €20,000 (precisely €19,690), has also chosen €30,000 as its upper limit. Count on €28,100 (excluding options) for a Dacia Duster Hybrid 140 in both Journey and Extreme finishes. A 100% electric version is not compatible with these specifications. It will be the next version, the Duster 4, which will comply.

Dacia Duster Dakar: it is no longer the right target

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Perched high, shod with suitable tires, “our” Dacia Duster DKR 24 would look great in the dunes of the Dakar.© Didier RIC

In the 1980s, Peugeot and then Citroën regularly used the Paris-Dakar rally to promote the models in their range.. Thus, the Peugeot 205 and 405 like the Citroën ZX had the honors in the dunes hoping, with their success in the sands, to perform equally well in concessions. In this quest for image with good media representation, Dacia could have fielded Dusters at the 2025 Dakar next January. Because in 2013, as in 2018, Dacia Dusters did indeed participate in the famous race.

> type="image/webp">In 2013, two Renault Dusters took part in the Dakar, they had a 3.5 V6 Nissan engine with 305 hp.>>
In 2013, two Renault Dusters took part in the Dakar, they had a 3.5 V6 Nissan engine with 305 hp.© DR

No, the brand will rely on a completely different recipe, by entering into a completely different category. Drivers Cristina Gutierrez, Sébastien Loeb and Nasser Al-Attiyah will compete at the wheel of a buggy powered by synthetic fuel. Because rather than taking the risk of releasing a new vehicle, the Romanian brand which will come to win, has opted for the star category, the one which is the most efficient.

> type="image/webp">Shorter than a Renault Captur but wider than a Lamborghini Revuelto, the prototype>>
Shorter than a Renault Captur but wider than a Lamborghini Revuelto, the Dacia Sandrider prototype has an impressive size. Ground clearance peaks at 40 cm from the ground!© dacia

The choice of efficiency and also to announce the future of the brand. In fact, the Dacia Sandrider prototype, itself derived from the Dacia Manifesto concept car, prefigures the lines of the next generation of Sandero. picture

> type="image/webp">The fourth generation of the Dacia Sandero will arrive in 2028.>>
The fourth generation of the Dacia Sandero will arrive in 2028.© Didier RIC


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