Bitcoin (BTC) reaches one billion validated transactions without bankers

Payment network without intermediaries. From January 3, 2009so for more than 15 years and 4 months now, the blockchain of Bitcoin (BTC) allows decentralized exchanges of transactions, directly over-the-counter (peer-to-peer), without the need for validation/authorization by banks or any other intermediaries, 24/7, without interruption since all this time. This BTC network has just passed an important milestone, crossing the symbolic billion transactions since its launch by Satoshi Nakamoto.

1 billion decentralized exchanges processed thanks to Bitcoin

As the very first cryptocurrency invented and launched in the history of the young sector, Bitcoin (BTC) has a very low number of transactions per second. Despite this, blocks of transactions have been validated tirelesslyat an average of 1 every 10 minutes for more than 15 yearswithout the need for direct human intervention.

This early May of 2024, a few days later a 4th halving of the blockchain network, it is therefore a new major threshold that Bitcoin has just exceeded, with the billion transactions accomplished on its network.

With a transaction rate per second recorded over the last 30 days of 6.1 tx/s (more than 15.5 million transactions over 1 month) according to site data Clark Moody Bitcointhe billionth transaction occurred this May 5 2023.

Bitcoin exceeds 1 billion transactions since its creation in 2009 – Source:

1 billion transactions is both a lot and a few, some would say. But we cannot compare the decentralized exchanges of Bitcoin to those of Visa Or MasterCardprivate American companies which take enormous commissions intermediaries, and can to block your bank card overnight. Above all, it is to forget that, as a network of exchange of “ big digital gold bars », the main blockchain of Bitcoin – From now on widely adoptede – is no longer intended for mini-transactions Daily. Bitcoin has its second layer solution for these small transactions which is the Lightning Network. The latter can theoretically proceed to 1 million transactions per secondor 1 billion in 1,000 seconds, or.. less than 17 minutes!



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