more than 5.8 billion dirhams in exports at the end of March 2024 –

VSThis development is explained by the increase in sales of the Assembly segments of 20.3% to 3.82 billion dirhams and of EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System – electrical wiring interconnection system) of 2.7% to 1 .95 billion dirhams, indicates the Foreign Exchange Office in its recent bulletin on monthly indicators of foreign trade.

This bulletin also reports an increase in automobile exports of 13.1% to 38.34 billion dirhams, benefiting from the increase in sales of the Construction segments (+20.5%), Vehicle interiors and seats (+19 .3%) and Cabling (+6.4%).

In addition, the electronics and electricity sector improved its exports by 5% to 6 billion dirhams, with an increase in sales of devices for cutting or connecting electrical circuits (+40.2%) and wires and cables (19. 4%).

On the other hand, exports of other mining, textiles and leather, agriculture and agri-food and phosphates and derivatives fell respectively by 22% to 1.14 billion dirhams, 3.7% to 11.69 billion dirhams, 3% to 25.62 billion dirhams and 2.3% to 17.63 billion dirhams.

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