New – IPRO 1.0, the Swiss brand iXS is launching a wireless airbag vest!

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It’s called IPRO 1.0 and it’s the very first wireless airbag vest from the Swiss brand IXS. It is available now from all the brand’s resellers, and it is supposed to be worn under a compatible motorcycle jacket, that is to say designated as such by iXS, or leaving enough space for the inflation of the cushions in the event of an accident.

In fact, iXS joins an already long cohort of motorcycle clothing brands that have chosen to enter into a commercial partnership with the French company In & Motion, one of the few manufacturers of wireless airbags intended for motorcycle riding (in alongside Dainese, Alpinestars and Helite).

The new IPRO 1.0 vest from iXS, the back part of which can be seen here. The darker rectangle resembling a battery protection tab is the removable electronics box.

The new IPRO 1.0 consists of two objects: a vest with inflatable bags and a gas cartridge plus a hard back protector), and a box full of electronics (including acceleration sensors) that can be buy or rent, and who is the “brains” of this airbag system.

The vest is worn as a middle layer between a technical base layer and an abrasion protection jacket, which should also be reasonably waterproof.

Based on a program and an algorithm, which is based on the integration of millions of kilometers traveled by different users, this unit is able to detect an accident, and trigger the inflation of the cushions in less than 60 milliseconds.

When the electronics of the In & Motion box detect an accident, the protective cushions inflate in less than 60 milliseconds.

Once deployed, this IPRO 1.0 will protect the addome, back, neck, including the shoulders, and thorax, areas which can lead to a fatal outcome in the event of an impact.

To activate it, simply install the box, connect the gas cartridge, charge the battery, which has a declared autonomy of 30 hours, put on the vest and close it. An indicator light informs you of the correct operation and activation of the system.

In the event of a crash, if the vest is not damaged, the cartridge can be changed to continue using it.

This vest costs 449 francs (in sizes S/M, L/XL or XXL/XXXL), to which are added 400 francs for the In & Motion box (or 120 francs per year if you choose the subscription plan). As this equipment is not resistant to abrasion forces in the event of a fall, it is not at all recommended to wear it alone. It is better to put on a protective jacket designed for motorcycle riding.

iXS airbag
There are already a few iXS motorcycle jackets that are reported to be compatible with the new airbag vest. Especially because they are made of stretch fabric.

The iXS brand already offers several jackets that are compatible with this vest when the cushions are fully inflated, such as for example. To wear it under other jackets or wetsuits, including other brands, please contact a competent retailer! Or possibly watch the tutorial made available by In & Motion. It is not expected that this IPRO 1.0 can be worn on a motorcycle jacket. However, you can wear a backpack over your jacket and vest, as long as there is a space of at least 10 cm between the straps of the bag and the front part of your body.

We understand by watching this tutorial that you must wear the vest under a jacket or waterproof suit. And you have to be careful, when wearing it under a one-piece suit, or a jacket attached to pants, that the space under the jacket is sufficient for the cushions once inflated.

IPRO airbag

To find out more, you can consult the iXS website (in English or German), that of one of its French distributors (Motoblouz), or contact our partners in the Swiss Directory of Construction Professionals. moto, MotoGooDeal, or MRPS Racing in Satigny (GE), Motoboutique in Lausanne, Aplusmoto in Sion, or the Yamaha dealers Badan Motos in Geneva, Moto Bolle in Morges, Chevalley Motos in Saint-Légier (VD), hostettler moto Friborg in Marly and motorcycle hostettler Zion.

Source: comm. iXS



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