The American Iozera invests $500 million in a 386 MW data center and AI hub at Eureka Park in Tetouan

The American Iozera invests $500 million in a 386 MW data center and AI hub at Eureka Park in Tetouan
The American Iozera invests $500 million in a 386 MW data center and AI hub at Eureka Park in Tetouan

The American technology startup Iozera will formalize on May 8, in Austin (Texas), a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Morocco for the creation of a pioneering 386 MW data center and an AI hub at Eureka Tetouan Park in 2026 powered by renewable energies. The details

American technology startup Iozera, co-founded by Timothy Ngo and Takeshi Hirota, has partnered with the Moroccan government to launch “an unprecedented initiative that will revolutionize the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry”, announce its promoters.

The two entities signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a 386 MW cutting-edge data center and AI hub in Tetouan, northern Morocco, with the aim of democratizing access to IT resources AI advances.

A $500 million integrated complex covering 50,000 m2

The project will be installed in the heart of Tetouan’s Eureka Park intended to establish a leading global technology hub centered around the 386 MW hyperscale AI data center named Iozera.

The site valued at $500 million will be built over an area of ​​approximately 50,000 m2 and will be used for the development of innovation projects in advanced medicine with the dynamic dental chatbot project Healthcare LLM, but also in various industrial sectors , including that of the automobile of tomorrow or even in agritech.

Iozera includes three additional facilities designed to enhance data center capabilities well beyond traditional data center services.

AI datacenter, GenV data management, incubation

The three facilities will be split between an Iozera AI data center designed for advanced AI computing and traditional data storage, attracting leading technology companies and researchers from around the world to GenV data management services that focus on AI training, data management, labeling and annotation, creating employment opportunities while also pioneering secure AI training/modeling and a Ryse Research taking the form of ‘an incubation and training center that nurtures startups and also prepares Moroccans for employment within Eureka Park.

An AI Expo is also planned which will showcase the latest global advances in AI from startups and large companies whose objective is to promote a technology-driven culture, thus improving the visibility of Eureka Park and attracting international attention.

This strategic partnership aims to improve the availability of GPU-based processing for researchers, startups and enterprises not only in the United States and Morocco, but also globally. By facilitating access to these resources, the initiative will facilitate innovation and propel the industry forward.

One of the main advantages of this partnership is its commitment to sustainable development. By leveraging Morocco’s abundant renewable energy resources, the data center and AI Hub will run on clean energy, contributing to Morocco’s ambitious renewable energy goals and demonstrating its commitment to a sustainable future. This emphasis on sustainability is likely to attract companies and researchers who care about the environment and value green operations.

Powered by renewable energy

The facility will harness Morocco’s abundant renewable energy resources (including those of the nearby Koudia Al Baida Wind Farm and Ouarzazate’s Noor Solar Energy Complex), enabling the data center and IA Hub to operate on clean, energy-efficient energy. green.

Renewable energy sources will provide a continuous and sustainable Source of energy for the Iozera data center. These are not only sustainable but also cost effective, further reducing Iozera’s operational costs

This aligns with Morocco’s ambitious renewable energy goals and demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future.

The MOU signing event is scheduled for May 8 at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. Participants include Mohcine Jazouli, Minister Delegate in charge of investment, convergence and evaluation of public policies, Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate in charge of digital transition and administrative reform as well as a large government delegation and the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development (AMDIE). Additionally, a special delegation from Pegatron from Taiwan, including CTO James Shue, will be present, highlighting the significant commitment to this transformation project.

Distinguished guest speakers, including James Shue, CTO of Pegatron, Ahmed Bennis, general manager of Tanger Med zones, Timothy Ngo and Takeshi Hirota, co-founders of Iozera, will also speak.

To celebrate this partnership, an AI mixer and networking event will follow the signing ceremony. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, including James Shue and the co-founders of Iozera.

“The creation of the 386 MW Iozera data center and AI hub in Tetouan’s Eureka Park will mark an important milestone in the global AI landscape,” we note. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and focused on renewable energies, this project qualified as ” revolutionary “ will not only attract leading technology companies and researchers, but also create employment opportunities and foster a technology culture.

Iozera Morocco, operational in mid-2026

Construction is expected to begin in late 2024, and the data center and AI Hub are expected to be operational by mid-2026, just in time to welcome customers and visitors for the 2030 FIFA World Cup in Morocco. “This ambitious initiative sets a new standard for AI innovation and paves the way for a sustainable and prosperous future”we assure you.

The collaboration between Iozera and Morocco to establish the AI ​​Hub in Tetouan, Morocco, comes at a time when the global AI industry is experiencing significant growth and development. This initiative will not only democratize access to advanced AI computing resources, but also meet the growing demand for GPU-based processing.

Additionally, the creation of the 386 MW Iozera data center and AI hub in Tetouan’s Eureka Park will position Morocco as a leading hub for AI innovation. The state-of-the-art facilities and access to advanced computing resources will attract technology companies and researchers from around the world, fostering a technological culture and creating employment opportunities in the region.

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