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The activity bonus is part of the aid granted by the CAF. Moreover, from May 6, its amount will increase.

In France, many French people benefit from the activity bonus. Awarded based on criteria, the amount of the latter will be re-evaluated from May.

The activity bonus keeps its promises

The activity bonus in France, introduced in 2016, constitutes a additional income intended for workers with modest resources. Administered by the CAF or the MSA for agricultural workers, it aims to encourage employment or the return to activity.

Moreover, the amount of this bonus is intended to be determined individually in resource-based and family responsibilities. The calculation formula takes into account the lump sum amount, increased according to the number of dependents.

It also takes into account 61% of professional income and other individual bonuses, minus household resources. The conditions to benefit from this aid include being at least 18 years old, receiving a modest income and residing in France all year round.

Workers temporarily posted to France are not eligible. To make a request, simply go to the CAF website and possibly make a request. online simulation.

Please note that the bonus is intended to be paid from the month demand. It is therefore intended to be re-evaluated each quarter based on the declarations of household resources.

Crucial help

This aid is also intended to be adjusted according to the increase in income. And since increase in the minimum wage in May 2023, the ceiling to qualify for it is around 2,074 euros.

The ceilings therefore also vary depending on the family situation and the number dependent children. There is no age limit to benefit from the activity bonus.

Please note that only income criteria are intended to be taken into account, and these therefore vary depending on family situation. But also the number of dependent children.

Low-income workers aged 25 and over can also opt for the RSA. Although these two aids cannot be received simultaneously except in specific cases.

According to the provisions of the Social Security Code, the services provided by the CAF or the MSA were adjusted to follow the evolution of inflation. Several of these aids have been increased since April 1.

The activity bonus reevaluated

The main ones concern the RSA, the AAH, family allowances, AEEH, Paje. But also the Cmg and of course the activity bonus. A recent decree, published in the Official Journal on May 1, set the new monthly amounts of the activity bonus.

Now a person alone without children will receive 622.63 euros per month (311.32 euros in Mayotte). Against 595.25 euros before the adjustment.

For a couple without children, the maximum amount of the activity bonus is now intended to be 933.95 euros monthly. This same amount will be received by a single person with a dependent child.

A couple with one child will receive up to 1,120.74 euros per month after the revaluation. For example, a single person, tenant, with a salary of 1,300 euros will receive 246 euros.

As for a single person with a child, owner, receiving a monthly salary of 2,000 euros, they will receive 266 euros. It is worth remembering that to be eligible for the activity bonus in 2024, the income ceiling is 1,935 euros for a single person.

The income will be 3,155 euros for a couple with one child. Thus, from this month of May, beneficiaries can benefit adjustments applied since April.

Concerning the payment of the activity bonus, it will take place on May 6 instead of May 5. This is due to May 5 falling on a Sunday, which induces a 24-hour delay for all other services CAF or MSA usually paid on the 5th of the month.



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