Who are they ? In 2023, 5 million French people will find a job in the “invisible market”

Who are they ? In 2023, 5 million French people will find a job in the “invisible market”
Who are they ? In 2023, 5 million French people will find a job in the “invisible market”

Hirings made without publishing offers in advance are an unavoidable fact. How to access this dynamic but little-known environment? Some recommendations.

The invisible job market, quesaco? This is simply hiring made without publishing job offers. An active market to say the least: according to data communicated by SmartData, the Big Data solution of the Randstad France group, some 5 million hires were made in 2023 through this means, out of a total of 9.4 million. The calculation is quick: more than one job offer in two in France falls on the invisible market. Le Figaro also revealed that this profession in shortage and which brings in 3125 euros per month from the first years recruits a lot on the invisible market.

Trust relationship

How can we explain the scale of the phenomenon? “These are common practices in certain categories of professions, explains François Moreau, general secretary of the Randstad France group. And take the example of administrative agents, dishwashers or kitchen assistants, all very concerned by the use of fixed-term contracts. “When a relationship of trust is established, an employer will tend to call on the same candidates. These hires are therefore not the subject of a job offer. »

For cleaning employees, “word of mouth” is an important vector of recruitment, particularly by individuals. “In these configurations too, no prior announcement is necessary for hiring. »

Recessed frames

On the other hand, the executive population is less concerned by the invisible market. To the extent that their expertise is rarer and sometimes leads companies to a real war for talent, recruiters are forced to multiply the channels to find the right profiles: traditional job offers are part of this range.

Geographic implantation

Are all regions impacted in the same way by the surge in the invisible market? “Whether it is the result of a spontaneous application, a temporary contract, co-optation or hiring on a permanent contract after a fixed-term contract, its weight varies depending on the professions and regions”underlines François Moreau.

Data collected by the Randstad group shows that it is in Île-de-France that the invisible market is strongest, with six out of ten hires (60%) in 2023 made without the publication of an advertisement in the region. Hauts-de-France (57%) and the Grand Est region (55%) complete the podium.

Conversely, it is in the Pays de Loire that the impact of the invisible market is felt the least: 42% of hiring is done without prior announcement, a lower percentage compared to those in other regions.

Duty of identification

Faced with the weight of the invisible market in France, job seekers are required to integrate this data into their searches. “The number one tip is to clearly identify the sectors and companies that recruit this way”, explains François Moreau. In short, do not hesitate to obtain information directly from employment stakeholders, both public and private. In the same vein, it is wise to consult the studies which appear regularly on the subject.

Spontaneous application

“Proactively offering your profile to companies likely to recruit is also a way to followrecommends François Moreau, if the profile matches expectations, the application will be examined as a priority. » Daring to apply spontaneously is therefore not a misplaced audacity.

Ask people around you

Advice number three from the general secretary of Randstad France is based on network activation. Given the fact that co-optation is a lever appreciated by recruiters, a recommended profile will have a greater chance of being studied. “Everyone has a network, you should not hesitate to reach out to people around you – family, neighbors, former students, business owners, members of your sports club, former colleagues, etc. – nor to use social networks, in particular and especially LinkedIn. »

Springboard to the job market

One last piece of advice: pushing the door of temporary work agencies allows, according to François Moreau, to promote expertise. “Temporary work offers the opportunity to prove yourself to employers and often leads to long-term hires. This is a real springboard to the job market. »



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