Lidl unveils a new collection of indoor plants for less than €10

Lidl unveils a new collection of indoor plants for less than €10
Lidl unveils a new collection of indoor plants for less than €10

We no longer need to introduce Lidl, the very famous and popular discount brand, which offers a whole range of products, from food to tools, including fashion and, of course, plants! At the beginning of May, the German giant revealed, to the delight of green lovers, a discounted collection of plants, always at more than affordable prices!

Lidl: how to choose the plant that suits you best

Side indoor plantsthere is no shortage of varieties: between succulents, flowers, cacti, climbing plants, and many others, the choice is vast. So how do you make sure you bring home the perfect plant for you ? It exists several factors to consider :

  • Your indoor environmentsuch as the level of exposure and natural light, the average temperature of the room and the available space, for example.
  • Your interview skills and desires : are you a beginner or experienced? And how much time do you want to spend caring for your plants each week?
  • Your aesthetic preferences, of course, as well as integrating your new plant into your decor!
  • Finally, check that the plant is not toxic if you have children or pets, and take into account the potential allergies of people in your household.

Lidl: plants at low prices

This week, Lidl is celebrating the arrival of May by offering a very varied range indoor plants reduced prices. Cacti, flowers, XXL or mini format, and fragrant plants are there to satisfy all possible desires! If you don’t have a green thumb and are afraid to buy plants because they tend to wither as soon as you walk through the door of your home, these are perfect options ! In fact, the varieties are resistantand their low cost does not represent too much great investment!

Until May 8, go for one set of 4 scented carnations at €5.07, or €1.26 per unit. THE flowering cactus (16 to 20 cm) is €4.90And the bellflower at the ridiculous price of €2.99. The bouquet of 11 roses is €2.29 just enough to be romantic without breaking the bank! There daisy is €9.99there passionflower at €8.99 and the Asian lily at €3.59. The lot of one dipladenia and a berneresas is offered to €6.10 (3.05 per unit) and the indoor palm tree at €16.99.

Lidl: gardening tools and accessories

To complete your array of new plants and continue to take care of your urban jungle or your garden, the famous discount brand also offers a very complete range of tools and accessories for gardening, DIY and plants in general.

A plant pot (with saucer) of 28 cm will only cost you €3.99and one trellis for climbing plants to beautify your exterior, €4.99, as the planter. Equip yourself with a set of 3 gardening tools in stainless steel at the price of €8.99. Tutor and label your plants with a copper set, both practical and decorative, at only €4.99!



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