the cold analysis of Swisscom specialists

the cold analysis of Swisscom specialists
the cold analysis of Swisscom specialists
Cybersecurity. Image: Photoshop AI.

Swisscom’s new Cyber ​​Security Threat Radar provides a worrying overview of cybercrime in Switzerland. Experts highlight the evolution of attack methods and the modus operandi of hackers, which are constantly improving.

Among the worrying trends, the report highlights the sharp increase in disinformation and destabilization activities. These information manipulation campaigns represent a serious threat to the reputation and proper functioning of organizations and society as a whole.

Disinformation: danger for businesses?

Companies targeted by disinformation campaigns can see their reputations permanently tarnished. It is essential to take this threat seriously and prepare to react quickly to limit the impact on the organization’s image and activities.

The ability to detect and counter disinformation is closely linked to the security of data and IT infrastructure. Putting comprehensive countermeasures in place at an early stage helps maintain stakeholder confidence, according to the report reproduced below.

AI, a double-edged sword

The global craze for generative artificial intelligence (AI), with tools like ChatGPT and its hallucinations, is also accompanied by new security risks. While AI offers tremendous opportunities, it can also be misused for malicious purposes.

In this constantly changing environment, it can be difficult, especially for small businesses, to keep pace and effectively protect their IT systems, according to Swisscom experts. Constant vigilance is required.

The danger of connected devices

The proliferation of connected objects, both in the professional sphere and in private life, increases the risks of cyberattacks. Any device connected to the Internet constitutes a potential gateway to the company network.

Without adequate protection, this equipment can lead to operational shutdowns, theft of sensitive data, compliance violations or even physical damage to infrastructure. It is imperative that businesses become aware of these risks and adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity.


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