Registrations climb in April, the French favor hybrids

Registrations climb in April, the French favor hybrids
Registrations climb in April, the French favor hybrids

According to figures published this Wednesday by the Industry Platform, registrations increased by 11.8% in April. Since January, the best-selling engine in France has been the hybrid.

New cars, if possible hybrids, this is the picture of the French automobile market for this first third of the year. According to the latest figures published this Wednesday by the Automotive Industry Platform (PFA), registrations of new vehicles increased by 11.8% in April. Taking only private cars, we arrive at an increase of almost 11%.

Hybrids at the top of registrations

Significant fact: the French have favored hybrid vehicles in their purchases. Over the first four months of the year, hybrid models represented 37.2% of registrations, ahead of gasoline models (33.1%) and electric models (17.8%). Last year over the same period, petrol models were still at the top of new car sales.

Which models are the best-selling hybrid?
According to figures from AAA Data, in April, it was the Toyota Yaris which was the most purchased model with classic hybrid technology.
The Peugeot 208 takes first place with regard to mild hybrids – which do not allow you to drive all-electric.
The Cupra Formentor SUV was also the best-selling plug-in hybrid model.

A “flattening” of the market

Registrations of electric cars, helped by “social leasing”, reached 18% of the market over the first four months of the year, one point more than the average for all of 2023. But professionals still buy few of them (35 % of the total approximately), comments to AFP François Roudier, communications manager for the PFA.

If these figures are generally positive, the PFA wants to be cautious. The general trend is towards “settling”, far from the figures before the health crisis. “One month of April before Covid, there were more than 160,000 cars,” underlines François Roudier. 147,000 new cars were registered this month of April.

Renault boosted by the Clio hybrid, Toyota in great shape

In this context, certain brands still manage to do well. Renault for example with 12.1% growth in April, driven by the success of the Clio hybrid and the Austral SUV. But the “low cost” Dacia (-8.6%) boosts the performance of the Renault group, below the market trend, with an increase of 4.5%.

The diamond company captured 26% of the French market last month, just below the 26.2% of the Franco-Italian-American giant Stellantis, whose registrations only increased by 2.6% over one year, in the launch phase. new high-volume models such as the Peugeot 3008 and Citroën C3. If Peugeot is moving in the green (+6.6%), Citroën (-14%) and DS (-36.4%) weigh on the average.

Leading importer, the Volkswagen group exceeded 15% of the market in April, with a 17.8% increase in its registrations, notably boosted by Skoda (+32.9%). But this progression pales in comparison to that of Toyota (+81.8%), fourth in the ranking with 8.7% market share. The Yaris and its Cross SUV version are placed in the “top 10” of 2024 bestsellers.

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