Leave in book to promote local literature

Leave in book to promote local literature
Leave in book to promote local literature

Organized by the interprofessional association of the book industry La Réunion des livres, the event “Partir en livre – Livr’anlèr” promotes local books and reading in a fun and attractive way. On the occasion of this operation and at the same time the national book festival, events will take place until July 20, 2024 in Saint-Joseph and Sainte-Rose. (Photo: Sly/www.imazpress.com)

Partir en livre is a nationally recognized system, certified by the National Book Center, which raises awareness among young people about the pleasure of reading.

The animation has four objectives:

– Transmit the pleasure of reading
– Create new readers
– Supporting players in the book world
– Show that the book can be a shared joy

– Two operations in two different places –

From July 9 to 13, Partir en Livre – Livr’anlèr will be in the town of Saint-Joseph in Langevin at the fitness trail, for activities in partnership with the Sud Sauvage media library.

In Sainte-Rose, the public will meet at the Coulee 77 picnic area from July 16 to 20 in partnership with the town library.

The objectives of these proximity events are:

– Fight against illiteracy by desacralizing the book as an object
– Encourage the desire to read by offering readings in unusual places
– Initiate privileged meetings between young audiences and local authors.
– Support the local book industry by promoting local books

– Several activities –

Partir en livre – Livr’anlèr offers activities linked to the theme of the national Partir en livre event: Sports & games.

– An open-air library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Creation of an outdoor reading space with local books and games, available for consultation on site. A selection of books on the theme of sport is also available.

– Workshops from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.:
Every morning, two workshops are led by local authors: illustration, comics, manga, games, writing.

– Readings suspended from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Four readings are offered per day in the trees. To do this, children must take up the sporting challenge of climbing to the top of a platform perched several meters high.

– Shows at 3 p.m.:
Every afternoon, reading is celebrated in all its forms: musical reading, storytelling, kamishibai, etc.

For more information on events concerning reading and books, you can consult the website of La Réunion des livres.

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