Which novels to read this week? Our selection, with the captivating “Ce parfum rouge”

Which novels to read this week? Our selection, with the captivating “Ce parfum rouge”
Which novels to read this week? Our selection, with the captivating “Ce parfum rouge”

Discover our reading recommendations for the week.

“This Red Perfume” by Theresa Révay (Stock)

The novelist invites us on a captivating sensory journey into the world of perfume. A descendant of the creators of the Givaudan perfume house, she draws inspiration from real facts and characters to brilliantly blend fiction with history. In Lyon, in 1934, her heroine, Nine Dupré, is a chemical engineer. She owes her vocation to her father, Augustin Dupré, a great perfumer in Moscow, who disappeared during the Russian revolution when she was only 12 years old. A brilliant and passionate young woman, she wants to make a name for herself in this field and works for Léon Givaudan, who has taken her under his wing. One day, she recognizes, on a woman from a Russian delegation, the fragrance that her father had imagined for her.

But only she and he knew its composition… Nine then decides to accept to participate in a competition to create a perfume celebrating Stalin’s reign, in order to be able to investigate this strange similarity in Russia. There, she will discover a shocking family secret. With a fine and lively pen, Theresa Révay signs a captivating, moving and wildly romantic fresco, with a very beautiful female character in a troubled historical period. An ideal book for your summer!

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“The Book of Fire” by Christy Lefteri (Seuil)

Irini, Tasso and their daughter live on the edge of a Greek village. It is in this forest that the life of this family is turned upside down, the day a criminal fire occurs, leaving behind victims and 100,000 hectares of charred nature. How can these traumatized survivors rise from the ashes? To tell this drama, the novel mixes the “Book of Fire”, in which Irini describes the fire in the form of a tale, with the intimate story of this woman who struggles to find a harmonious existence. After the success of theBeekeeper from Aleppothe British writer continues to thrill her readers in this fiction filled with suspense, adventure and emotion.

“Amanita Aenigma” by Laurence Bourgeois (Héloïse d’Ormesson)

If Céleste returns to the lands of her childhood, it is because Murielle, her best friend, needs help to solve a mystery surrounding a mushroom poisoning. And Céleste has always known mushrooms. The poisonous ones, the edible ones, the hallucinogenic ones… She alone will be able to identify the one responsible for the death of several villagers. And what if this investigation led the forty-year-old to discover hidden truths that she had not come looking for? A graduate in mycology, Laurence Bourgeois was inspired by a news story to write this original and informative first novel.

“Like at home” by Diane Dupré la Tour (Actes Sud)

What if collective cooking had the power to heal the deepest wounds of existence? This is what the author discovered after the death of her partner in a car accident. Instead of letting herself get down, the young woman chose to create a participatory restaurant, a non-profit place where each guest cooks, sets the table, tastes the dishes and shares their own story. In recounting her journey, Diane Dupré la Tour, at the head of Petites Cantines since 2016, delivers an intimate, courageous and luminous story, which celebrates the beauty of a rebirth and the joys of human connection.



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