Book Festival in Brittany 2024. Children’s author Évelyne Brisou-Pellen honorary president

The Brittany Book Festival which takes place on October 26 and 27, 2024 will welcome children’s author, Évelyne Brisou-Pellen, as honorary president, in Carhaix (Finistère). The 2024 edition is devoted to the theme of youth, to question in particular new reading practices.

Évelyne Brisou-Pellen, author. | MARC OLLIVIER WEST-FRANCE ARCHIVES

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  • Évelyne Brisou-Pellen, author. | MARC OLLIVIER WEST-FRANCE ARCHIVES

The Breton edition meets on October 26 and 27, 2024 in Carhaix (Finistère), on the occasion of the Brittany Book Festival. This year, the theme explored will be youth. Nearly 300 authors are expected at the Glenmor space again in 2024. “Two non-stop days in the world of books published in Brittany”, summarize the organizers.

The organizers comment on this choice: “It’s no secret that the time spent in front of screens by young and old is increasingly important. Sometimes to the detriment of reading and the book. » They also intend to take an interest in new reading practices. “Among young people, 40% of those aged 7 to 25 have already read a digital book, 58% have already listened to an audio book or a podcast, according to the National Book Center”, they indicate.

The honorary president has been writing since 1977

To honor this theme, Évelyne Brisou-Pellen agreed to be honorary president this year. The children’s author has been writing since 1977. She is notably at the origin of the series The manor. Here is how she told her passion for writing to middle school students: “Putting words on paper is giving life to images. »



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