Book: this writer from Lauragais was published for the first time thanks to her thriller

Book: this writer from Lauragais was published for the first time thanks to her thriller
Book: this writer from Lauragais was published for the first time thanks to her thriller


Ancelin Emery-Henriot

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May 29, 2024 at 5:12 p.m.

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“It’s a novel with quite extraordinary suspense. » This is how Claude Mavit summarizes the feedback from the first readers of his novel The Punishment of the Innocents.

The 65-year-old Lauragaise, who currently lives in Revel, was released in March 2024 his first book, a thriller which takes place in the departments of Aude and Haute-Garonne.

Two years of work

The fruit of two years of work, this work is the result of the overflowing imagination ofa novice, but talented author.

The retired salesperson says: “At the beginning, I only wrote for myself. Then I showed the story to two friends who convinced me to finish it and think about getting it published. » His completed novel, he was detained from the first shipment.

The satisfaction of finishing

The writing of this work was not without obstacles.

If the author can count on her imagination to “write fluidly”, she admits to having had difficult times: “There was a period where I didn’t move forward for a whole month. I lacked desire. »

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She then decides to join a member of her family in Canada, to try to find peace. La Reveloise then succeeds in completing her work. She acknowledges: “Completing it brings satisfaction, because starting it is easy. But finishing it is something else.That was the biggest difficulty.”

“Whether the book sells a little or a lot, it doesn’t matter too much, in any case I’m happy. I reached a stage that I didn’t expect,” she continues.

Claude Mavit was able to count on support from loved ones including that of a friend who helped her with her corrections as she wrote, and of her two friends who motivated her to get published.

Multiple inspirations

Through the lines of her novel, the author has slipped a little piece of her life. A long-time resident of Lauragais, first settled in Avignonet-Lauragais then in Revel, she says: “ The first volume takes place in Aude, and more precisely in the village where I was born and raised. Among other things, I was very inspired by a place and a family that I know. »

Claude Mavit was also helped by his unconditional love for detective stories and thrillers. The one who loves Delamarre’s novels and the show Bring in the Accused explains: “My notions regarding investigation and research procedures make writing easier. I’m passionate, so it comes more naturally. »

And if she has just edited for the first time, she has already immersed herself in writing a sequel at this“fascinating story,full of twists and turns, peppered with clues and twisting adventures. »

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