“between travel and openness to others”

“between travel and openness to others”
“between travel and openness to others”

Saint-Sacrement – ​​Published by David Editions located in Ottawa, the latest book by Quebec author Claudine Paquet entitled Mysterious encounter on the strike is now available in bookstores.

By Marie-Ève ​​Groleau

“It’s the story of Émile, 11 years old, who sees his summer plans disrupted. What follows is a journey between Havre-Saint-Pierre and Natashquan, in which the main character finds, among others, his cousin. It must be said that at the start, he more or less had the impetus to leave. This is my first book published by David Editions in the new Homing Pigeon collection,” described the author.

A place of discovery, the North Shore and its monolithic landscapes support the context in which the characters evolve.

“The action is set in the great nature of the North Shore. This novel offers the reader the discovery of this region and also the whole question of openness to others. The young characters will meet a mysterious old man on the shore. A silent, intriguing, fierce man and always accompanied by his dog. From the start an investigation carried out by the children,” she continued.

A career physical rehabilitation therapist, the author pursued master’s studies in literature and creative writing before publishing her works.

“Openness to older people inspired me for this book which is, for me, at the heart of intergenerational relationships. I have worked with older clients in a hospital setting and I find it important to go beyond appearances and discover their stories. The character of the old man in Mysterious encounter on the strike At 82, he has the wealth of a lifetime to share,” she concluded.

When addressing a young audience, the author mentions that inspiring, entertaining and educating represent her writing intentions. It’s the 21ste book by the author and 15e aimed at young people. Comprising more than 300 pages, this novel is aimed at children aged 9 to 12.

Claudine Paquet’s book Mysterious encounter on the shore. (Photo Courtesy)

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