the author Amandine Geers puts our vegetable gardens under pressure

Roasted fennel with preserved lemon in salad, eggs stewed in zucchini, cherry chutney, crème brûlée with patidou, watercress brick with three cheeses, spinach and potato curry, cucumber gazpacho with nettles, poached pear with verbena …Is your mouth watering? Normal ! Here you are in the new recipe book by Amandine Geers, tireless culinary creator, bulimic of life, gourmand and limitless inventor. In “Tasty recipes from my vegetable garden” (ed. Terre Vivante), her fifty-fourth book, the Niortaise delivers all the good ideas that her two gardens inspired her, the one that stretches and flourishes behind her house and the one that she rents in Niort, quai de Belle-Île, to the Horticultural Society.

“The vegetable garden is also a true provider of sensations and softness”

“Tasty recipes from my vegetable garden”, by Amandine Geers, is published by Terre Vivante.
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As often in her works, she begins (“to get your feet wet”as she likes to say) with a few delicate words to celebrate the setting of her work, here the vegetable garden that she considers, as a space of rest, relaxation and wonder.”

After some advice for beginners (to whom she suggests starting with perennial plants which produce each year without the need for new sowing or transplanting), a handful of basic rules for maintaining the richness of your soil and a series of paragraphs on early vegetables and guard, edible weeds and flowers, the author concocts forty-eight recipes depending on the seasons (spring-summer and autumn-winter), then focuses on green leaves (watercress, spinach, chard, etc.) and finally swirls between flowers and fresh herbs (borage, roses, parsley, nettles, etc.).

Book’s extract. Amandine Geers imagined all these recipes, she was also the one who photographed them.
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“Simple and affordable” recipes

“I have imagined original recipes that allow you to enjoy vegetables, fruits and herbs from the garden in a different way, while remaining simple and affordable. »

If she gave the same passion to each of the culinary inventions in this new book, from starters to desserts including sandwiches, soups and snacks, she concedes a slight preference for her sweet zucchini and lemon cake. “I also like all the little tips for preservation, such as rose sugar or nettle powder to then use in everyday recipes. »

Taste and generosity

Magnificently illustrated with photos that she took herself, in her garden and in her kitchen, this book is a new illustration of her ambition to transmit her taste for cooking: “What interests me above all is to make people want to cook more at home. This is why I invent cuisine for every day, with mixtures that are a little intriguing with ingredients that you might not think of at first glance. »

It is this same search for openness and well-being that guides her when she runs her cooking workshops (as part of the “Jardins au naturel” program run by Niort Agglo and the Syndicat des Eaux du Vivier) or when she she accompanies young people followed by the Judicial Protection of Youth to the very honorable third place in a national culinary competition.

“Tasty recipes from my vegetable garden”, by Amandine Geers, 120 pages, €14, Facile & organic collection published by Terre Vivante. In bookstores June 5, 2024.
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