We read “Promise, swear” by Isabelle Lagarrigue

We read “Promise, swear” by Isabelle Lagarrigue
We read “Promise, swear” by Isabelle Lagarrigue

Holly Goli, bookstagrammer and contributor to the 20 Minutes Books reading group, recommends “Promise, swore” by Isabelle Lagarrigue, published on May 2, 2024 by Éditions Charleston.

His favorite quote:

It is here that victims find reparation and perpetrators are punished. This is where justice is dispensed. How many tears have been shed in these places? How many tragedies have been exposed? The walls contain stories that Martine feels deep inside. »

Why this book?

  • Because Isabelle Lagarrigue publishes her third novel published by Charleston. After “Our invisible roots” which delves into the quest for identity and “It was an accident” in pocket format for the Charleston pocket French literature prize, we discover “Promis, juror”, a choral novel which immerses us in the world of jury jurors. ‘seated.
  • Because this choral novel is divided into three parts, each representing the before, during and after trial. Through Norma, Martine and Dylan, jurors for a trial, we discover the accused, the crime committed and, with them, we try to understand how everything changed.
  • Because the three characters who speak are all endearing. Norma is a mother and pursues her career dreaming of a promotion. However, she remains a self-effacing woman. Martine plays taxi driver to stave off boredom and Dylan, the happy troublemaker, is a delivery man and doesn’t dare admit to his best friend how much she means to him. Three different personalities but who will become friends during the trial. Three characters who should never have met and who will nevertheless be linked forever.
  • Because the pen of Isabelle Lagarrigue is still as gripping. Through her work on assize trials, the author immerses us in the questions and what the human soul is. I loved discovering these three characters and each one touched my heart.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot. Norma, Martine and Dylan. Three totally different people. One is an architect, another is a taxi driver and the last delivery man. Nothing predestined their meeting. It will take a trial and their role as jurors to meet. Together, they will have to disentangle the true from the false.

Characters. Norma, Martine and Dylan, the three trial jurors that we follow, but also their respective families and friends without forgetting the accused.

Places. The novel takes place mainly in Paris, in a court but also in the hotel where the three jurors are staying.

The time. The novel takes place in our time.

The author. A graduate of Neoma Business School Rouen and TEC de Monterrey in Mexico, Isabelle Lagarrigue worked in the world of communications for seventeen years before devoting herself to writing in 2019.

This book was read with curiosity and pleasure! I discovered the world of assizes through three characters who are completely opposite but who will be linked forever. Isabelle Lagarrigue offers us a touching story full of humanity while exploring inner questions. A great success!

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