A new comic book for Yigaël, the Limoux designer

A new comic book for Yigaël, the Limoux designer
A new comic book for Yigaël, the Limoux designer

the essential
“The first flight”, a book created for the graphic part by Yigaël.

At the beginning of the 20th century, “flying madmen” defied gravity and achieved what humanity had long dreamed of: rising into the air. A most interesting theme for the Limoux cartoonist who is not his first attempt at comic book adventures.

A historical enigma

One of the exploits that marked the beginning of the 20th century was certainly that of the Wright brothers who made the first flight of a motorized airplane in 1903.

A first flight? That’s the whole question asked in this comic. Indeed, could a theft have taken place earlier, but whose story would have become amnesiac? This is what Betty and her friends will discover while investigating a strange neighbor and the steel monster he is hiding.

The subject is launched, all that remains is to illustrate it! In this matter, it is Yigaël with his strength of sketches that will allow us to follow this great adventure.

From the gropings to the first flights, there is the story and the interrogations followed step by step of these future “flying madmen in their strange machines” then treated as unconscious, pushing the limits of the possible.

Learn while having fun

If it is a comic book, it has undeniable educational virtues, which is also accompanied by a historical file and images on the different stages of the aviation adventure.

From Icarus’ dream to the Airbus A380 there are only a few centuries of research, from vain attempts until an almost recent achievement.

A book to put into everyone’s hands that Yigaël and his screenwriter partner Céka have just finalized and edited. Yigaël will dedicate this new comic book this Saturday June 1st afternoon at the La Souris Verte store, rue des Augustins.



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