Reading ideas from local authors and stories set in Morbihan

Reading ideas from local authors and stories set in Morbihan
Reading ideas from local authors and stories set in Morbihan


Florian Tiercin

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May 24, 2024 at 3:40 p.m.

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The book fair is held Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2024 at the port of Valves (Morbihan). For the occasion, we have selected local literature for you through Morbihan authors or stories evoking Morbihan.

Stories set in Morbihan

  • Between Earth and sea by Pascale Cerrato

Pascale Cerato publishes his latest novel with Baudelaire Between Earth and sea. The story of Anna, a fifty-year-old who decides to leave her city, Marseille, for Brittany. A new life awaits her, punctuated by unusual and endearing encounters.

Of Carnac in Ételthe author brings to life must-see places in Morbihan throughout the pages of his novel. A realistic and modern novel, written with poetry.

  • A week of silencethe new novel by Florence Besson

Journalist, it was following a stroke that the author produced a retreat at the Jesuit spiritual center from Penboc’h to Arradon. In this book, she delivers her feelings and details here confrontation with herself that she faces during his stay. An intimate and sensitive story of the one who saw herself die.

Journalist for the magazine She for nearly 15 years, she then devoted herself to a new career in ecology. Very stressed by this new life that she leads between Paris and the Basque Country, it is the accident. To try to stop asking questions to which she has no answers, she imposes seven days of silence at the Jesuit spiritual center of Penboc’h.

Morbihan authors

  • Siamthe new children’s novel by author Joëlle Huette

In this novel, the author tells us the history of Siam, young Parisian dog, who, following a brutal separation from his master, decides to go look for him. Through this novel, the author emphasizes the problems concerning the animal species.

This alrean settled in the Morbihan after a career as an agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She wrote this novel for her two sons, during a stay in Omanafter observing a difficulty in obtaining children’s literature in the Sultanate.

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  • Immigrations: The refusal of powerlessness by Claude Mahier

Through this political work, the author is interested in living together interculturally and the question arises, whether we could live together? Question to which he answers yes, but under certain conditions. The author concedes that immigration must be mastered and that it is necessary to define the circumstances.

Local elected official in a town of 20,000 inhabitants, territorial administrator, general director of an urban community, this resident of Sarzeau, is not his first novel. In 2007, he published a study Praise of local democracy, going against the grain of preconceived ideas before publishing his first novel in 2015, The wolves have entered the city.

  • Nostalgic Cannes by Mbaki Mayemba

Winner of the Switzerland Diaspo Award literary prize, Mbaki Mayemba, this Morbihannais of Caudan, publishes a collection of poetry mixing nature and humans.
Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, this doctoral student in medicine practiced psychiatry in Switzerland and Brittany.

  • All wars are defeats by Jean-Jacques Boulais

This collection of stories with crossed destinies mostly women, has a historical moment in common, the end of the First World War. Here, the author traces the moving trajectories of several destinies throughout the 20th century.

It is at Pontivy that the former forester retires and begins his new career as an author. The novel, All Wars Are Defeats, is his second novel.

  • Broken wings by Pascal Camut

This novel illustrates the consequences of our past on childhood and the rest of our lives. How childhood builds the adult of tomorrow. In this autobiographical story, the author reveals to readers his chaotic beginning of life, that of a child dispossessed of his childhood. From his birth to his 12 years, the author evokes illness, the absence of parents, lack and death and how this childhood will mark and influence his character and behavior.
The author, who lives in Marzan in Morbihan, delivers here an intimate testimony imbued with sensitivity.

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