Vasili Kazarashvili: paintings in the colors of exile in Montech

Vasili Kazarashvili: paintings in the colors of exile in Montech
Vasili Kazarashvili: paintings in the colors of exile in Montech

the essential
Many visitors discovered the works of the Georgian painter Vasili Kazarashvili, welcomed by the first assistant Marie-Anne Arakélian during the opening of his exhibition, visible in Montech (Tarn-et-Garonne) until May 31.

A large audience came to discover or rediscover the works of Vasili Kazarashvili, this expatriate Georgian, companion of Emmaus, at the Galarià in Montech (Tarn-et-Garonne).

Indeed, this Tuesday, Vasili, as all his friends call him, was welcomed by the first deputy mayor, Marie-Anne Arakélian, in charge, among other things, of culture and several elected officials for the opening of this exhibition which will be held until May 31.
“I admire your work and I am very happy to welcome you to this exhibition room, newly named Galarià,” said the first assistant, recalling that the painter had fled Georgia with his wife and that he was now today companion of Emmaus in Lavilledieu-du-Temple. She also thanked Ms. Kazarashvili for the Georgian pastries she had baked for the opening.

“In my country, we use strong colors”

Marie-Anne Arakélian also recalled that Vasili had touched a bit of everything, music, law, the history of philosophy, which will allow him to have positions of responsibility in his country. The painter qualifies as a neo-expressionist painter.
“I paint my feelings, my emotions,” he explained to the large audience who came to show their support. Almost all of my paintings have a story. In my country, we use strong colors, that’s why we see a lot of red, the colors of exile. »
We feel, in his works, the war, the suffering behind bars, like this hand coming out of the ground as if to say “help”! This face with a hand over its mouth also says a lot. His paintings are small or medium, always very colorful.

The officials’ tribute

Vasili made the front page of “Boustrophédon”, the only art magazine in Tarn-et-Garonne where his departure from Georgia in 2018 and his arrival in France with his wife and two children are discussed.
Well integrated into the artistic life of our department, he has already exhibited there on several occasions and on Sunday June 2, you will be able to admire his works for the Art Day in the Gardens organized by the association Ça monter en bas.
He will be exhibited at 12, rue Gaston-Célarié in the company of another painter, Michèle Bolhy, and a photographer, Daniel Bolhy.
Don’t miss this opportunity to admire his paintings!



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