Tour Info | [Faut y aller] In Tours, a queer book fair at the central library

Tour Info | [Faut y aller] In Tours, a queer book fair at the central library
Tour Info | [Faut y aller] In Tours, a queer book fair at the central library

The first edition was very well received last year. So, the Bédélire bookstore (located rue du Commerce in Tours) did not hesitate to try the experiment again with its Queer Book Fair.

On June 1, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the central library of Tours, queer literature will be at the heart of the activities offered. Free admission.

During this day, numerous signing sessions will be organized to meet the 18 invited authors. For example: Wendy Delorme, Ivo Da Silva, Carolane Storm and Mirion Malle, sponsor of the event. You can find the complete list of personalities present on the Tours Library website.

The Queer Book Fair isn’t just about signings. Several events and workshops are planned. On the program: reading aloud, round tables and workshops around the world of drag.

Several Touraine associations will be present at the show such as the Touraine LGBTI Center and the Hic collective. To offer activities for adults and children alike, the youth theater company FEU! A RAT will also respond.

A festive evening at the Guinguette du Foudre (just next to the Guinguette de Tours sous les Tanneurs) will close this exciting day from 7 p.m. with carte blanche to the Hic collective and a DJ set.

Other activities are planned for the weekend of June 1, notably outside the walls of the Library. In reality, the Queer Book Fair will begin on Friday evening at the Studio cinemas with a screening of the documentary film Orlando directed by Paul B. Preciado, in partnership with the festival Desire… Desires (organized every year in January).

The Cubrik games bar will also be there with Marie Docher’s photo exhibition And love too, throughout the month of June.

You can also find all the details of the program on the Tours Library website!

Bookseller specializing in the feminism and LGBTI section in Bédélire, Stratégie is delighted with the success of her project organized with her co-manager Manon: “We have had great feedback so we hope that the show will be an event that will take place every year in a lasting manner”. The bookstore, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023, hopes to expand the Queer Book Fair over an entire weekend in the years to come.

Organized this year for the first day of LGBTQ+ Pride month, the show brings a strong message and highlights the extent of queer culture. “The goal is to visit literature that we do not see everywhere and which is not always known to the general public”Syrialle demonstrates.

Audrey Lecomte



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