My audio book to touch The sounds of the night

Thanks to this touch book, your child will discover holes and cutouts on each page to follow with their finger. He will have to press sound chips to listen to the sounds of the night. Sound of church bells, the owl, the rain, the purring cat, the train, the fox, the bats, the wind, the bus… each sound is associated with an illustration.

In the collection of sound and touch books, My audio book to touch The sounds of the night immerses toddlers in the nocturnal world. When everyone is asleep, the animals make themselves heard. Children discover the sounds of animals or nature. The owls hoot and the wind moans.

Sound chips make church bells ring, imitate the sound of rain, bats or the school bus. Each sound is associated with a beautiful illustration. Bullets are hidden on the different pages of the book. The book comes to life and comes alive when the child presses the little buttons.

The sounds of nature become realistic and the child will have fun imitating them. Little ones from 1 year old can discover the magic of the sounds of the forest, although older children will explore it more fully.

Sound book with elements to touch

This original book is as much to look at as it is to listen to. It can also be followed with your fingertips, thanks to the cutouts and holes provided throughout the pages, inviting little ones to look in different places.

This album is part of the successful series My touchable sound book. These quality books have durable hardback pages. They can be taken anywhere with you, from the stroller to the car.

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