10 Very Popular Romantasy Books You Must Read

Romantasy, this hybrid literary genre between romance and fantasy, has experienced unprecedented popularity in recent years. Readers let themselves be seduced by stories where love stories unfold in fantastical universes, populated by mythical creatures and magical powers. In this article, we offer you a selection of the 10 most popular romance books, which have won the hearts of lovers of the genre.

1. Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

© Hugo Roman

Fourth Wing is surely THE romanticasy most popular from the moment ! For decades, war has raged between the kingdom of Navarre And the one of Poromiel. Dragon trees And griffon riders confront each other in a fierce struggle. Violet Sorrengail, because of his frail nature, was preparing to follow in the footsteps of his father, a renowned scribe, but this was without counting on the influence of his mother, the country’s high leader and renowned dragon rider.

Violet is perhaps the weakest candidate physically, she is however cunning And fast. She will quickly have to think of a solid plan, because this competition has only two outcomes: pass all the tests Or die.

Available here: https://tidd.ly/3yn9JdB

2. A Palace of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas


Feyre is a young human girl forced to hunt to feed her two sisters and her father, a former merchant who is now ruined. They live in a world in which humans are deathly afraid of Fae, beings who live to the north of the mortal realm, separated by a wall. However, one day, Feyre does the irreparable and kills a Fae. Here she is then taken by force to Prythian, kingdom of immortalsin order to pay his debt.

There, however, his prison is a magnificent palace and his jailer is not a monster. TamlinA Great Fae Lord, treats her like a princess. Thanks to this saga, Sarah J. Maas is surely one of the most read romance authors in the world.

Available here: https://tidd.ly/44LH663

3. The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

The Cruel Prince - Holly Black
© Rageot

Jude is 17 years old and lives in the kingdom of Terrafæ. As a child, she was taken from the mortal world along with her sisters. She is regularly mocked and humiliated because of her condition. human. The bullying she endures because of Prince Cardanone of the heirs to the crown, cold and cruel, and who seems to hate her more than anything.

Yet Jude wants his place in this world, no matter the cost. She imagines signet ring, under the orders of the Great King. But events will offer him a completely different fate. The saga of the People of the Air whose Cruel Prince is volume 1 is one of the sagas of the most well-known and appreciated romance novels.

Available here: https://amzn.to/4bGz2G4

4. Witch and God – Liv Stone

Witch and God – Liv Stone
© Hlab Eds

Ellaa young witch deprived of magical powers, radiates joy and energy in his peaceful existence in the human world. This year, she and her two sisters, who are endowed with powers, are preparing to participate in the witch community’s festival, which has a special meaning: end the conflict persistent between witches And gods which has lasted for decades.

To seal this peace, a marriage is planned between a representative of each community. THE grandson of Zeus, Deimoswho was supposed to marry Meroe, one of Ella’s sisters, surprises everyone when he decides to marry Ella in place.

Available here: https://tidd.ly/3w0TK4a

5. Hades and Persephone – Scarlett St-Clair

Hades and Persephone - Scarlett St-Clair
© Hugo Pocket

After settling in New Athensthe young goddess Persephone hoped to lead a discreet life, in the shoes of a deadly journalist. Everything changes when she sits down to play a game of cards with a hypnotic and mysterious stranger at a trendy nightclub.

After his meeting with HadesPersephone finds herself bound by a CONTRACT with the god of the Underworld, whose conditions are impossible: Persephone must create life in the underworld or lose your freedom forever. Scarlett St. Clair has captured the hearts of thousands of readers with her romance saga.

Available here: https://amzn.to/3QJzBH1

6. The Saga of Auren – Raven Kennedy

The Saga of Auren - Raven Kennedy
© Hugo Roman

At 15, Auren escaped a dark fate by being taken in by the King Midas, who turns everything he touches into gold. Caging for her safety, Auren never goes out without permission and is content to follow the orders of her king, to whom she devotes a unconditional love. Until war threatens the kingdom. To ensure victory, Midas decides to make a deal, at Auren’s expense.

Available here: https://amzn.to/3QJyPd5

7. Blood and Ashes, Volume 1: Blood and Ashes – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Blood and Ashes, Volume 1: Blood and Ashes - Jennifer L. Armentrout
© De Saxus

Since his birth, poppy is destined to open a new era for his kingdom, but this destiny takes away all his freedom. At 18, she was designated as the Maid of the Kingdom, a role that imposed a Ritual of Elevation at the age of 19 to become immortal. This has serious consequences for her. She cannot be looked at or touched by anyone, cannot create any connection and has lived since recluse And overprotected.

However, despite these constraints, Poppy aspires to a normal life. The arrival of Hawkea guard of honor responsible for the protect until his Ascentupsets her certainties and draws her towards the forbidden, calling into question everything she believed in.

Available here: https://tidd.ly/3QMrgCm

8. The Queen of Shadows – Tricia Levenseller

The Queen of Shadows - Tricia Levenseller
© Stardust

No one knows the extent of the powers of the King of Shadows, freshly crowned. Some say he can control the shadows that roam around him and manipulate them to his will. Others than darkness whisper to him the secrets of his enemies. Never mind, Alessandra knows what she wants, and nothing can stop her from bringing her plan to fruition. success.

The girl is not the only person looking to conquer the throne. And as the attacks against the King multiply, she finds herself having to put all her energy into him. defendthe time he can make of her her queen.

Available here: https://amzn.to/4asxPkq

9. Thirsty – Tracy Wolff

Thirsty - Tracy Wolff
© Pocket Jeunesse

Thirsty is one of the most famous romantic sagas. She follows Grace, a young girl who, following the tragic death of her parents, is sent to live with her uncle and cousin. The latter is the director of Katmere, a educational establishment very selective lost in the middle of the snowy mountains of Alaska. Problem, Grace is the only one deadly in the middle of supernatural creatures. The young girl will quickly find herself the center of attention.

His meeting with Jaxon Vega turns his life upside down. He is an enigmatic boy that everyone fears in Katmere. What is he hiding, and why does Grace feel a strong attraction to him? Between thepower struggles, forbidden passion And deadly dangersGrace must navigate a world in which nothing is what it seems, and about which she knows nothing.

Available here: https://tidd.ly/3K9fYUQ

10. Serpent & Dove, volume 1 – Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove, volume 1 - Shelby Mahurin
© De Saxus

Two years ago, Louise fled her clan and took refuge in the town of Cesarine where the witches as they are fears, hunted And burned. The young woman has given up magic and now lives on petty theft. As she prepares the theft of a very rare magic ring, events will come together to throw everything into chaos.

For his part, ReidA Hunter sworn by the Church, lives his life according to a single principle: not leaving a single witch alive. His path should never have crossed Louise’s, but a combination of circumstances will bring them together and force them into an impossible and unexpected union: holy matrimony.

Available here: https://amzn.to/3V0TpIp



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