Four books on the lives of saints for all ages

Four books on the lives of saints for all ages
Four books on the lives of saints for all ages

Saint brothers and sisters, 12 extraordinary siblings from Jacques and Jean to the Martin sisters,

by Marie Malcurat,

Mame, 80 p., €17.90

You were born to be holy,

by Kortnee Senn,

Crer Bayard, 34 p., €12.50

Rebels and saints! 12 Lives of Inspiring Saints,

by Charlotte Bricout, Clémence Pasquier and Thomas Gaudin,

Crer Bayard, 78 p., €12.50

In the privacy of the Martin family,

by Marie Martin,

Tequi, 80 p., €8.50

The lives of saints, a sure value to offer to the youngest? In any case, this is the bet of religious publishers who have no shortage of proposals to dust off the genre, like the Crer Bayard editions (publisher of The cross) who offer with Rebels and saints! a book that will appeal to teenagers aged 12 and over. Linked by the audacity and rebellion which allowed them, out of loyalty to God, to stand up to the choices imposed on them, Catherine of Siena, Charles de Foucauld, Augustine, Joan of Arc and others traced their own path. They got involved, defended, revolted to carry the message of Christ and can be sources of inspiration for adolescents in search of the absolute.

From the same publisher, for the youngest, from the age of awakening to the faith or preparing for the first communion, You were born to be holy is a beautifully illustrated alphabet book to read with your child, allowing you to discover with them the varied talents of Saint Augustine, Saint Bernadette or even Saint Josephine Bakhita.

With a beautiful book for 8-12 year olds that mixes comics, stories, and careful illustrations, Mame editions have chosen an original angle with Holy Brothers and Sisters, the life of twelve siblings united by the love of Christ, from James and John to Saint Bernard and Blessed Ombeline, including Martha and Mary, Cosmas and Damian, Benedict and Scholastica and even Cyril and Methodius. Each chapter includes a text, a comic page, an identity sheet of the siblings situating them in the story, as well as a prayer.

More classic, Téqui editions offer a small book which brings children from the age of 8 In the privacy of the Martin family, to discover the secrets of the holiness of the family of Thérèse of Lisieux. Written like a novel, in careful and accessible writing, it reveals the daily life of Louis and Zélie Martin and their five daughters, their joys and their trials, and above all their love of God.



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