3 good reasons to read Maxton Hall

3 good reasons to read Maxton Hall
3 good reasons to read Maxton Hall

You have loved Against the direction or Tear maker ? Then you will definitely love it Maxton Hall ! Between power play, social class struggle and secrets, here are three good reasons to read Maxton Hall !

While she is close to her dream of attending Maxton Hall High School and then entering Oxford University, Ruby sees her chances diminish when she meets James. He embodies everything she avoids at all costs. Money, partying, power. But when she discovers a secret about James that puts her family in danger, Ruby will have no choice but to play alongside (or against) him…

And if this summary hasn’t yet convinced you to discover Maxton Hallhere are three good reasons to do it!

Again and again for the enemies to lovers

We will never stop repeating it, but enemies to lovers is definitely the best trope! The tension between two protagonists who hate each other can only lead to sparks that will explode everything in their path, and we buy that!

Ruby and James embody the perfect example of enemies to lovers that we can’t help but adore, just as they can’t go against their mutual attraction. They don’t come from the same world, everything separates them. He is rich and arrogant, she is rather poor and discreet. She longs to stay away from him but finds herself irremediably drawn into his sphere. The question being, will she manage to emerge unscathed?

Just for James Beaufort of course!

As said previously, in Maxton Hall, it’s a sulphurous enemies to lovers that awaits you alongside Ruby and James. On the one hand, there’s Ruby, whose deep kindness is matched only by her ambitions. But above all, there is James. Handsome, arrogant, pretentious, he is the very archetype of the bad boy. As you can imagine, he is obviously more than that. Behind his golden boy appearance hides a complex boy who is more fragile than he is willing to show. But Maxton Hall High School doesn’t tolerate the weak, so James had no choice but to toughen up. So, will Ruby manage to break her shell?

To be able to discover the series Maxton Hall

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If the name of Maxton Hall rings in the ears of the most series fans among you, it is certainly because the eponymous series saw the light of day on May 9. No coincidence, the series is well adapted from the novel in question. After discovering Ruby and James on paper, you will have the chance to find them in the flesh on Prime Video in a first season of six episodes. Thus, you will be able to compare the two works by noting the differences and the common points and see which of the two you prefer (even if obviously, the book is always better than its adaptation!).

Discover the novel behind the Prime Video series, Maxton Hallavailable in bookstores!



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