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The beautiful days are here, it’s time to go outside, to play, to walk and to discover nature in full swing. And at the same time, take a book rather than a smartphone to take a colorful break in the shade of a cherry tree. Here is a selection from 3 years old.

The Lrons of the Forest

By Anthony Martinez. Kaleidoscope, €14.50, February 2024. From 3 years old.
Anthony Martinez’s forest is the ideal place to have a good laugh. There we find funny characters, each one as quirky as the next. Between the greedy squirrel, the temperamental rabbit, the talkative wild boar, the dreamy stork, the cunning fox and a tame hen, there is plenty of room for the installation of tasty little stories. These forest fables of La Fontaine are the occasion for intense verbal jousts, colorful exchanges, comical misunderstandings and stubborn misunderstandings which the reader witnesses with delight like a spectator seated in front of a play. For reading parents, they will have to rise to the occasion and use their full range of actors to make this moment even more hilarious.

main_coverThe hand that draws

By Hervé Tullet. Bayard Jeunesse, €13.50, April 2024. From 2 years old.
The arrival of a new album by Hervé Tullet is always a small event in the world of children’s books. Those who already know his world know how well he knows how to capture the attention of little ones to take them by the hand and bring them into his perfectly codified world. Blue, yellow, red, black lines, a few dots, spots, scribbles, its graphic alphabet is as recognizable as it is basic. With so little, one would think that from one book to the next, he would quickly get bored. But that’s without counting on his creativity and his ability to transmit. It is clear that here the magic operates once again and the surprise is there. Page after page, a real complicity develops between the artist and his reader. Together, they will magically create works on glossy paper, full of joy and sunshine. That’s good, it’s in season.


leon_couvLeon says no

By Violette Vaïsse. L’Agrume, €14, January 2024. From 3 years old.
No no ! They’re just three little letters, but they hold so much power! This is what Léon experiences in this album, to the detriment of his parents’ patience. Throughout the pages, each request from his mother or father receives the same mischievous response, and negative, no! Whether it’s going to the bath, getting into pajamas or brushing his teeth, Léon is never up for it. And yet, there is no shortage of imagination to make each of these moments a great adventure. But there is a secret weapon that Léon will not be able to resist, but we are not going to reveal it to you here. Violette Vaïsse offers parents of “chronically recalcitrant” children an excellent opportunity to have fun and share with them a moment of complicity around this systematic desire for opposition. He who thinks he is caught is taken, such is the moral of this pleasant story.


carrot_coverWho stole the carrot?

By Daniel Spacek. Toubillon, €10.90, February 2024. From 3 years old.
Who stole the carrot? That’s a good question ! While at first glance the rabbit appears to be the ideal culprit, the answer is ultimately not so easy to find. Especially since page after page, the questions will pile up. Who plays the banjo? Where is the race car? Who flies upside down? Ultimately, all these questions will guide young readers onto other avenues to explore. It will take real talent as a graphic investigator to reach the end of the discovery of this colorful “search and find” by Daniel Spacek. Cardboard pages, small square format and illustrations full of small details, the ingredients of a very good book for little ones are gathered here, with that little extra something that makes the experience interactive and involves the parents a little more. Be careful, the competition is open, who will succeed in finding all these hidden elements first?



By Camille Floue and Éponine Cottey. 4048, €18, February 2024. From 3 years old.
Today’s weather report is not great. It’s raining, it’s wet, it’s a frog party. It is only in the heart of this young girl that we can observe a small lightening. With courage, she braves the storm and speeds towards the one who makes her heart beat. Determined to declare her love for him, she has no idea yet that she is going to experience a strange drama. In this album, Camille Floue takes readers on a journey a real emotional elevator. We follow with great empathy the adventures of this little girl who will go through a sentimental tornado despite herself. Fortunately, as we often say, after the rain comes the good weather! Sun and heat, we find them in abundance in the illustrations of Éponine Cottey. She meticulously draws large life scenes full of cuteness. In his world, the smallest pebble becomes too cute and we want to adopt all the animals that are drawn there. Météoloveit’s a warm book, to share with all those around you.




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