The Sam and Cléo Albums when parents become children and vice versa

“Sam et Cléo” is a collection of children’s books published by Éditions Hatier Jeunesse.

This series imagined by psychologist Dr Héloïse Junier, creator of the successful collection “My stories of calm” will speak to many of you. The illustrations are the work of Arthur du Coteau.

Sam and Cléo are two children who are very concerned about their parents’ education. Through their adventures, we discover a crazy world where adults refuse to go to bed and where the little ones try to make them eat broccoli. The roles are reversed to help parents and children better understand each other and everyday situations with which all readers will be able to identify1.

Among the albums in the collection, we discover “Sam and Cléo – Parents go to bed!” And “Parents at the table!“.
For example, in “Parents at the table!”, Sam and Cléo spent hours in the kitchen to prepare a succulent dinner for their parents. Unfortunately, like every evening, it is a real ordeal to get them to eat.
Dad doesn’t want to taste the dish, mom sends text messages under the tablecloth. Will Sam and Cléo manage to get them to empty their plates?

A funny and useful collection

The “Sam and Cléo” collection offers an ingenious and comical universe that will captivate the attention of young readers.

The hilarious illustrations by Arthur du Coteau, with some comic strip passages, make reading accessible to young and old alike.

These books are a great way to help parents and children understand each other better. The end of each opus is also devoted to some advice for opening dialogue at home.
The adventures of Sam & Cléo will speak to many children and will help defuse complex situations at home. Recommended from 5 years old. To buy At the table for parents Click here or Click here. To buy Parents in Bed Click here or Click here
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