The Independent’s reading selection for this Sunday, May 12

The Independent’s reading selection for this Sunday, May 12
The Independent’s reading selection for this Sunday, May 12

For a good Sunday, a weekend reading selection guaranteed without the Northern Lights! L’Indépendant recommends the story of his knife attack by Salman Rushdie, a comic magazine which offers, it is original, a special Cats, a local thriller between Toulouse, Southern Catalonia and Perpignan and an encyclopedia on the Cathars.

A testimony: The knife
On August 12, 2022, a man attempted to assassinate Salman Rushdie while he was speaking in Chautauqua in the USA. Seriously injured, the writer returns to this attack for the first time. The Knife, subtitled “Reflections Following an Assassination Attempt,” is a gripping insight into the mind of a man who saw himself die. But the book mainly addresses the aftermath.

If Salman Rushdie, paralyzed, barely defended himself, other people, on stage and in the room, rushed to his aid. “ In Chautauqua I experienced the worst and the best of human nature […] The possibility of murdering an old stranger practically for no reason”, but also “the courage, the altruism, the willingness to risk one’s life to come to the aid of this old stranger lying on the ground. »

“The Knife” by Salman Rushdie, Gallimard, 272 pages, €23

A review: Meowing Metal…

For his return to the helm of Métal Hurlant, Jean-Pierre Dionnet is coordinating a special… cats. The favorite animal of internet brainiacs in comics and science fiction magazines?

Not so surprising as felines, with their mysterious and ambiguous attitudes, are still the closest thing to aliens.

“Métal Hurlant, special for cats”, Les Humanoïds Associés, 290 pages, €19.95
Associated Humanoids

In the summary we find some solid signatures (Jean-Claude Denis, Cestac, Olivia Clavel or Panaccione) and authors less known but who are worth the detour like Bon Op’t Land, Manolo Carot, or Seera on a hilarious scenario by Jean-Luc Cornette.

“Métal Hurlant, special for cats”, Les Humanoïds Associés, 290 pages, €19.95

A local thriller: The orange was blood
Former police officer, Patrick Caujolle undoubtedly drew on some of his memories to write this new thriller, his 5e. The action takes place in Toulouse but most of the plot takes place in Perpignan and southern Catalonia.

Captain Bastide will therefore try to find out who killed a certain Habib Gacem in Toulouse. He quickly follows a lead in Perthus in the world of prostitution and near Barcelona in orange plantations.

It’s direct, punchy, very current and as a bonus we talk a little about football and even the ghost village of Périllos in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

“The orange was blood”, Patrick Caujolle, Cairn, 274 pages, €12

A beautiful book: Cathars
A great specialist on the Cathars, Michel Roquebert was working on a vast encyclopedia. He was unable to complete this colossal project, the sum of all his knowledge.

It was his student, disciple and friend Patrice Teisseire-Dufour, well known in Aude, who took up the torch, completing the 215 entries and carrying out a long and rigorous work of verification and synthesis.

On arrival this encyclopedia is the perfect book (without the slightest pun…) to discover the history of the Cathars, the importance of this movement of thought, all illuminated with engravings by Marie-Amélie Giamarchi.

“Cathars, encyclopedia of Occitan resistance”, Privat, 256 pages, €29.90



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