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This 7th arrondissement bookstore with an enigmatic name contains an entire collection of art books from a fashion designer, in the place of his former photography studio.

An enigmatic name

“7L” may seem like a curious name for a bookstore. However, it is explained quite easily for the visitor, since this name refers to the address of the establishment. Indeed, the 7L library is located exactly at 7 rue de in the 7th arrondissement of : it is therefore a shortcut between the street number and the first letter of this same street which is part of the famous Carré des Antiquaires.

© Librairie 7L

A fashion designer’s collection

This impressive bookstore actually brings together a collection of art books… and not just any collection, since it is that of Karl Lagarfeld ! Indeed, it was in 1999 that the famous fashion designer decided to found this establishment, dedicating it to the visual arts. “I love this place so much that it’s a part of me,” he reportedly said of the venue, which was acquired by Chanel in 2021.

© Librairie 7L

We therefore find various works around photography, architecture, design, the art of living, fashion and gardens. The beautiful books and catalogs of major exhibitions concern as much the French and international creationtouching on a diversity of genres and periods.

Three activities

Spread over 700 m2, 7L is responsible for three different activities: the bookstore, in situ creation at the library platform and 7L editions. If the bookstore remains a space open to the public, the library shelf is a private space reserved for the Les Amis du 7L association within the former photo studio of Karl Lagerfeld. This place of creation persists, since it hosts a cultural program called “Correspondences” around different forms of writing, and a monthly reading room around the designer’s art of living.

© Librairie 7L
© Librairie 7L

7L Bookstore
7 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Featured image: © Librairie 7L



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