Discover 5 of the most eccentric buildings in the world!

Discover 5 of the most eccentric buildings in the world!
Discover 5 of the most eccentric buildings in the world!

Between genius and certainly a little madness, buildings are the subject of ever more unusual creativity. In the shape of an animal, an everyday object or simply extraordinary, they cannot leave their observers indifferent!

1. The Piano Building, Huainan, China

A giant grand piano against which is placed an equally gigantic violin, this is a building considered to be the most “romantic” in China.

This incredible building created in 2007 by students from the Faculty of Architecture of Hefei University houses two concert halls, an exhibition hall and serves music students from the city of Huainan. This building is also very popular with tourists, coming in massmass to admire these 50:1 sized instruments.

2. The Basket building, Ohio, United States

What could be better than a building in the shape of a basket to house the head office of a company that manufactured… baskets. If the latter closed its doors in 2016, the Basketball buildingitself, remained in place and, a few years later, welcomed some nostalgic people for this extraordinary building for a guided tour of its premises.

If the basket is unfortunately still very empty today, there was talk of giving it a second life by transforming its interior into a luxury hotel. To be continued…

3. Chang Tower, Bankok, Thailand

As Thailand’s emblematic animal, it was logical to highlight lightlight the elephant in gigantic form. Well almost… because a building in the shape of a pachyderm, it had to be done! This was without counting on the real estate tycoon Arun Chaisaree, an elephant enthusiast and thearchitectarchitect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu.

Together they created the Chang Toweralso called The Elephant Building, completed in 1997 and which houses offices, apartments and shops. This incredible building measures 335 feet, the equivalent of just over 102 meters high. Completely elephantine!

4. The municipal library of Kansas City, United States

Do you like reading? You will be served! This incredible library is made up of 22 giant books painted on its facade and measuring more than seven meters in height.

The book titles were chosen by Kansas City readers based on a citywide vote. You can notice the section of the works The Lord of the Rings, Romeo & Juliet Or Farenheit 451. Built in the early 2000s, its interior is just as surprising, theuniverseuniverse of the book being omnipresent both on the walls and on the steps of the stairs.

5. The Universum Science Center, Bremen, Germany

Mussels or whales? Whale or mussel? One or the other depends on the hypotheses raised about the representation of this building erected by the German architect Thomas Klumpp.

Six thousand cubic meters of concrete and 40,000 flakes in stainless steelstainless steel were necessary for this colossus to emerge from its basin in 2000. The University Science Center houses the Bremen City Science Museum.

Other architectural feats and curiosities

Unusual buildings dot some places on Earth. These five buildings mentioned are only a weak representation of the architectural follies built in the 20th century.e and XXIe century. Among them, we can also cite the national library in Minsk in Belarus in the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron and luminous at night, the Cafe Grasshopper in South Korea made up of two green train cars stacked on top of each other, the National Fisheries Development Board (national office of fishingfishing) in India, immense fishfish out of the water or even the Polygon Riviera in Cagnes-sur-mer known for its emblematic “le guetteur” building.



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