BOOK. Between Ukraine and Russia, “hate and denial”

Albert-London Prize for “Dog of War”, her stories of wars in Chechnya, Anne Nivat went to meet the Ukrainians and Russians swept up in the “special military operation” launched by Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022. She brings back this long report, built in the back and forth between attacked and aggressors, “Hate and denial”.

Anne Nivat, “Hate and denial”, Flammarion, 340 pages, €22. | FLAMMARION.

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  • Anne Nivat, “Hate and denial”, Flammarion, 340 pages, €22. | FLAMMARION.

Reporting. For 30 years, journalist Anne Nivat has traveled the theaters of war. She won the most prestigious award, the Albert-London Prize, for her account of the Chechen wars. The earthquake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine encouraged her to return to do her job in this part of the world that she knows well. Not only on the front, but also at the rear, from Lviv to Donbass and beyond: from Kaliningrad to Yalta, from Grozny to Ulan-Ude, the capital of a Russian province closer to Beijing than to Moscow. The result is a mosaic book, a juxtaposition of testimonies from men and women encountered on the ground, all struck by a “special military operation” which carries off attackers and attackers in a “dance of death” with an indecipherable outcome. She could have concluded by quoting Shakespeare: is this war anything other than a “senseless story full of sound and fury”?



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