Eleven kilometers of books to move to Clermont-Ferrand: university libraries are moving

The Clermont-Ferrand university libraries are moving to the future Kap learning center. Including the BU Lafayette where we were a few days ago.

The number is dizzying. Eleven linear kilometers to move, we are clearly in the exceptional. By June, some 450,000 volumes will be transferred from university literature and human sciences libraries to the Kap learning center, the new UCA facility dedicated to educational innovation which will open its doors in September on the boulevard François-Mitterrand, in Clermont-Ferrand.

Specialized company

The current phase, which concerns the Lafayette library, ended this Friday, May 3. A big piece. It was enough to see the ballet of the Avizo company cash registers to realize the scale of the task. This specialized company, which works with prestigious clients such as the National Library of France or the National Archives, mobilized ten people and two trucks on this site, from March 13 to May 3.

A new Kap for the Learning center of Clermont Auvergne University

“We can fit three linear meters per box, twenty boxes per truck,” explains the foreman. The calculation is quickly done. At the rate of five trucks per day, Avizo moves 300 ml per day, 1.2 linear km per week. With constant rigor so as not to mix brushes. “We have series, defined with an order,” explains Laura Le Coz, who supervises the move for the University of Clermont Auvergne. At the beginning and end of each series we put a tag. This allows them to find their way even if they don’t know our collections well. »

From March 13 to May 3
Moving from the BU Lafayette
From May 3 to 17
Carnot: collections unavailable from the evening of May 3, moving from May 13 to 17.
Cézeaux: moving of collections from May 20 to 24. Gergovia: the BU on the 2nd floor will close on the evening of May 17; moving from May 25 to 27. Please note that the Marie-Hélène-Lafon library, on the ground floor of Gergovia, is not affected by the move.

Suddenly, we are on the other side of the Lecoq garden. The Kap is already welcoming the first works in ideal conditions and much more practical mobile shelving. The new building also has a heritage store which allows precise control of temperature and humidity to best preserve rare and precious works. Upstairs, the future reading rooms will offer 50,000 self-service volumes. An offer multiplied by ten compared to the reading room at BU Lafayette. Definitely a plus.

Historic building

Watching the stores empty one by one, the director of university libraries Fabrice Boyer felt “a little bit of emotion, all the same, to leave this building”. And added: “There is a keen expectation of what awaits us there, which will correspond to contemporary needs. But, at the same time, this Lafayette building, built in 1905, was a historic site, dedicated to documentation, to books… It was known to many Clermontois who had studied literature. »

As with every move, a page will turn. But the story is not over. The site will return to the municipality for a new use which has not yet been determined.

Text: Thierry Senzier
Photos: Francis Campagnoni



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