Teacher in a college in Nogent-le-Rotrou, Émilie releases her second sewing book

Teacher in a college in Nogent-le-Rotrou, Émilie releases her second sewing book
Teacher in a college in Nogent-le-Rotrou, Émilie releases her second sewing book

By Valentin Mauduit
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May 3, 24 at 4:54 p.m.

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In 2021, for the release of his first book sewing Sew with an overlocker“, Emilie Grontec had more than 9,000 followers on the network Instagram. Today, the amateur seamstress has exceeded 11,500…

Only virtual perhaps, but it is of capital importance for the development of the projects of this professor at Pierre-Brossolette college from Nogent-le-Rotrou.

Because it is again thanks to this application that a new book was released on Friday April 26, 2024. If she launched in 2015 on the networks, she recognizes that her account began to gain momentum during confinement.

New sewing book: a 272-page bible

“I was contacted at the end of 2022 for this project,” she recalls.

Nine months of intense work followed to complete the “Great sewing detail”. A real bible 272 pages for a job well done!

I designed it from A to Z with Estelle Hamm from Mango Éditions. I managed the background and she trained it.

Emilie Grontec, seamstress

For this project, Émilie affirms: “I had carte blanche“. So, she launched into her favorite subject: “finishing. I like the precision of the sewing, the details. And then, it’s the book that I would have liked to study when I started and I would still consult it today.” She hopes for the same success as her first work which had to be reprinted for reissue with a QR code for a video course.

A hundred different techniques

In her workshop, for hours and hours, she photographed each movement, each progression.

Videos: currently on Actu

There are over 1,500 photos. It’s a real step-by-step book, I tried to detail as much as possible.

Emilien Grontec, known as Mgg++

A technique that she masters. “I’m used to working for pattern makers, ultimately it’s the same. »

In this book, Émilie (or Mgg++, her seamstress name) gives you around a hundred different techniques. “There really is everything. From the hem, to the lining, to the pockets, the collars, the zipper, the fly, etc. » she lists.

She gives online courses

This colossal work has slowed down the seamstress a little on all the parallel projects. “I have created little in recent months, either for myself or for others. »

She still thinks about this local creation. “I made kitchen aprons for Miske and Camila (two Nogentaises who released a cookbook, editor’s note). This is one of the projects that I like to carry out. » With her pedagogy firmly anchored in her, Émilie also gives online courses with Artesane, a platform for online culinary, wire or plastic arts classes. “I just gave my sixth class. »

A worn out teacher

When Émilie talks about sewing, it’s passion that takes over. The smile is firmly on your lips. A pleasure that she lost in her job as a professor of SVT (Earth Sciences and Life). “We spend our time disciplining,” she regrets. Worn out, she takes advantage of her hours of rest to isolate herself in her workshop. Surrounded by spools of thread, the Eurélienne decompresses. “At the start of the next school year, I will go to 80%. I would only have fourteen hours of lessons left to give. The rest of the time I could devote myself to sewing. »

Before embarking full time on this creative art that she cherishes so much? Besides, we are told that a new book would already be in preparation…

Practical: Released April 26. “ Great sewing precision“, available in all book sales outlets and online. Price: €31.95.

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