Gad Elmaleh opens up about anti-Semitism and the “violent threats” he received

Gad Elmaleh opens up about anti-Semitism and the “violent threats” he received
Gad Elmaleh opens up about anti-Semitism and the “violent threats” he received

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In the columns of La Tribune Sunday this Sunday, June 23, Gad Elmaleh speaks on anti-Semitism. The Jewish comedian revealed in the weekly that he had been the target of threats on social networks.

This Sunday, June 23, a march against anti-Semitism is organized in Courbevoie, a town in Hauts-de-Seine where a Jewish girl was raped the previous week. In this context, comedian Gad Elmaleh spoke on the subject in La Tribune Sunday. In the interview he gave to the weekly, the actor revealed that he had also been the victim of anti-Semitism online. “I received violent threats on social networks, anonymous of course”, he revealed. Before specifying: “But that doesn’t worry me. I don’t think I’m at the heart of the threat.”

Committed to anti-Semitism, Gad Elmaleh does not see himself as a spokesperson

“We must succeed in making anti-Semitism everyone’s problem”estimates Gad Elmaleh in the columns of La Tribune Sunday. According to him, “this must concern everyone, not just Jews”. “The same goes for the fight against sexism, men must take charge of it. Likewise, pedophilia in the Church must become the problem of all of society”continues the actor born in Morocco in 1971. The 53-year-old man, father of Noé, assures that he does not want to take on the role of the one who would embody the fight against anti-Semitism. “No one asks me”he explains. “It’s soothing to have, in each community, figures who speak out. It’s soothing, but not always useful”nuance in La Tribune SundayGad Elmaleh.

According to Gad Elmaleh, we must be wary of all forms of anti-Semitism

“Anti-Semitism is a dull noise, always omnipresent. In periods of tension, we turn up the volume of this dull and dark noise. It then dissipates, but it remains”analyzes the artist as a resurgence of anti-Semitism was noted after the October 7 attack in Israel. “Anti-Semitism is not only the atrocious acts committed or the insults. It is also a form of language. When we talk about THE community, it is the beginning of stigmatization”analyzes the interpreter of Coco in La Tribune Sunday. He recalls that “not all Jews in France think the same”because “there are many different schools of thought”. “There are Jews who are opposed to a woman being a rabbi, for example”explains the director of Coco in the weekly. “I was criticized for showing a female rabbi in my film. I was told that it was a serious sin. Some rabbis even called for a boycott of me.”he confides.

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