The evolution of Cyril Féraud, the transfer of Éric Brunet, the farewells of Raphaël de Casabianca… A look back at the 2024 TV and radio transfer window

The evolution of Cyril Féraud, the transfer of Éric Brunet, the farewells of Raphaël de Casabianca… A look back at the 2024 TV and radio transfer window
The evolution of Cyril Féraud, the transfer of Éric Brunet, the farewells of Raphaël de Casabianca… A look back at the 2024 TV and radio transfer window

Cyril Féraud, Théo Curin, Éric Brunet, Laetitia Millot and Raphaël de Casabianca
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Although timid, the transfer window is in full swing with a new round of changes. Overview of the movements planned for the next school year on the channels and stations.

Like every year, at the same time, the audiovisual world experiences comings and goings. The ranks of some channels are expanding while others are experiencing replacements or losses. As the end of the season approaches, review of the various transfers.

The return of Valérie Damidot

The general public remembers her for her interior design shows on M6, “D&CO”. And if she had been rare on television or radio in recent years, the host is making a comeback. After a summer hosting “Our Most Beautiful Holidays” on TF1 – the show returns on July 8 – it will return to France Bleu. Valérie Damidot will be at the helm of a daily game scheduled from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. from August 26 alongside David Lantin.

Raphael de Casabianca’s farewell

Raphael of Casabianca packs his bags. But this time, no distant trip planned on the program. The host has decided to leave the program “Rendez-vous en terre stranger” which he joined almost six years ago. He succeeded Frédéric Lopez. And he will say goodbye to the show for the same reasons as his predecessor. “Meeting in unknown land” is intense physically and psychologically and you don’t get used to saying goodbye. It’s a heartbreak with each journey that leaves its mark,” he confided to our colleagues from Le Parisien. Last November, he already shared this feeling on the set of “Buzz TV” by saying: “ The longer it goes, the more I understand Frédéric.” Two numbers with Raphaël de Casabianca are planned before his departure, a trip with Kendji Girac and another with Tomer Sisley. It also remains to find a successor. The name of this has not yet been revealed. It should be there by the start of the school year since the next filming is planned for the fall.

Christophe Dugarry controversial

A contested entry onto the field. The sports commentator, used to working on RMC, took up residence this Friday June 21 on M6 during the Euro 2024 match where France faced the Netherlands. And the least we can say is that the comments of the former international striker did not win over the viewers and they did not hesitate to point it out on X. He has until the 14th July, i.e. 12 out of 13 matches to shine alongside Xavier Domergue.

Jarry leaves “Everyone wants to take their place”

He was taking his first steps in hosting “Everyone wants to take their place”. The challenge was great, that of replacing Laurence Boccolini who herself had moved towards other horizons. However, less than a year after his arrival, Jarry decided to abandon the France 2 game. “A daily one takes a lot of time, I have seen my children very little this year, and so I decided to have all this energy for you, the public. I’m going to finish the season, a few more months every lunchtime with you, then I’m going to concentrate on my show.” he explained recently in a video on his social networks.

The big change by Cyril Féraud

It’s a big change for the 39-year-old host. He has made the decision to leave the show “Slam” which he has hosted for almost 15 years on France 3. But there is no need to worry for the host’s fans, he is not going far. Viewers will be able to find him from the start of the school year at the helm of the game imagined by Nagui. Cyril Féraud will take Jarry’s place in “Everyone wants to take their place”. “The management of France Télévisions made this proposal to me a few days ago, and I asked them for forty-eight hours to think about it. But I quickly knew that I really wanted it because I love new adventures and this one is particularly beautiful”he confided to our colleagues from Le Parisien / Today in France at the end of April.

The promotion of Théo Curin

With the departure of Cyril Féraud, the position of host of “Slam” remained vacant. But it didn’t take long for the public service group to appoint a new face at the helm of the game. From the start of the school year, Theo Curin , a four-limb amputee athlete, will take the reins. A great promotion for the 24-year-old young man who took his first steps as a columnist last summer in Carole Gaessler’s show “Aux Jeux Citoyens” and as a host this winter with the first testimonial magazine for children, “You’re on top!” » on France 4.

Eric Brunet’s comeback

A return to basics. The television and radio journalist returns to his first love after four years on LCI spent at the helm of “Direct de Droit” and “7 p.m. Friday Brunet”, he will once again be part of the BFMTV workforce. He will host a new information and debate meeting from August from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. As a reminder, he already worked as a regular debater and columnist from 2012 to 2020 for the 24-hour news channel.

Laetitia Millot puts on her apron

M6 knew how to create suspense around the succession of the “Best Pastry Chef”. The M6 ​​culinary show has experienced a number of twists and turns with the successive departures of Julia Vignali then Marie Portolano. The position of host of the program remained vacant for several months, season 12 having already been filmed. But the channel finally decided on a name, and it was the actress Laetitia Millot who was chosen to play this role.



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