Inès Reg crashed the new TF1 TV movie for good, but before then she had different versions: “It’s going to be made!”

Inès Reg is once again making headlines. On all fronts, the 30-year-old actress has had a series of projects during the year 2024. On television, she participated in Dance with the stars (she reached the final), a highly commented participation following her clash with the singer Natasha St-Pier who won this season 13. The ex-partner of Kévin Debonne is part of the jury of the show Mask Singer. The show comes to an end tonight with the grand finale. In addition, Inès Reg was to play the main role of a new two-part fiction from TF1 entitled Teen but not too much.

While filming was to begin on June 12 in Reims, the artist did not show up and was completely unreachable. Interviewed on Thursday June 20 by BFMTV, Inès Reg confirmed that she was putting an end to this project by declaring that she would now devote herself to the stage. “I am completely returning to what I know how to do best and what I miss in a visceral way: the stage“, she indicated. A version that she had not been able to give a few days earlier…

During an interview given to TV Star for its issue of the week of June 29, Inès Reg was questioned about her participation in Teen but not too much but then mentioned a delay, a filming and not a cancellation. “He [le téléfilm] will happen!“, she assures the magazine, an interview undoubtedly carried out before Inès Reg’s appearance on BFMTV.

Inès Reg spoke of a postponed shoot for Teen but not too much

Inès Reg declared during this cross-interview with her ex-husband Kévin Debonne that the filming was simply postponed: “We had to postpone filming due to my new show We are togetherwhich starts in October“. A tour of around thirty dates is planned between October 2024 and February 2025 before a one-month run at the Casino de Paris, from March 25 to April 6, 2025. The young woman regrets the extrapolations to which it is subject. “That’s not at all what we heard. This adds to the list of controversies concerning me…“, she laments. But Inès Reg remains philosophical: “CIt’s like a Monday, it will pass.“All this was said before she stopped everything with TF1, the channel being currently in the process of testing three other actresses to replace her as reported by Parisian in its issue this Saturday.

What are the relationships between Inès Reg and her ex-husband Kévin Debonne?

As an actress, Inès Reg also plays the lead role in the new film directed by her ex-husband Kévin Debonne, The infallibles, released this Thursday, June 20. This is the second time that the duo has collaborated under the Prime Video banner. Kévin had already produced the rom-com I love you, me neither. This time, the director is making a feature-length detective film, between action and humor. A couple who, although separated, cannot do without each other, as Kévin Debonne confides to TV Star : “We continue to share everything. We need each other’s opinions and strength.“He and Inès Reg remain united during the challenges, as she indicates:”Even if they try to divide us with divorce, we cannot walk without each other, whatever happens..”



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