Maripier Morin under the bus, Logan Mailloux in the driver’s seat

Oh my God! Logan Mailloux is welcomed with open arms by Montreal Canadiens fans! Everyboy inside. Help! It doesn’t look like that, that’s your business! I’m hardly exaggerating. When people learned that Mailloux was drafted by the Canadiens and made the team, many cried genius, others celebrated, and even some applauded his “redemption”.

These words are not the words of Journal de Montréal journalist Sophie Durocher. But they could have been. Here are the journalist’s real words.

Oh my God! Mariepier Morin will host the next version of Occupation Double! Everyboy inside. Help! It doesn’t look like that, that’s your business! I’m hardly exaggerating. (credit: Journal de Montréal)

When “people” learned that Maripier Morin was returning to host a special edition of Occupation Double with former candidates, which will be broadcast on Crave next fall, “people” went crazy, other “people” climbed the curtains and even “people” screamed bloody murder.

I’m sorry, but sometimes people are in the shot!

When Maripier Morin returns to host a special edition of Occupation Double, part of the public explodes with anger, while Logan Mailloux, after a major controversy, is reinstated without much opposition.

We will remember that Mailloux was involved in a case of non-consensual sharing of intimate photos, which sparked controversy, but which was quickly put to rest. Fans now see him as an angel.

Despite the magnitude of his act, Mailloux’s reintegration into the Canadiens team was seen by many as a sign of his rehabilitation.

“But there are complainers who complain” only for Maripier Morin as Sophie Durocher says so well.

“We’ve been hearing for two years: ‘Is it too early for the rehabilitation of Maripier Morin?’ I’m starting to feel like I’m hearing a broken record!”

“When we learned that Maripier Morin would play the lead role in Arlette by Mariloup Wolfe, the complainers cried. When she became a radio presenter at BLVD, the complainers cried. When she was invited to The other lunchtime at the next table with France Castel, the complainers cried.”

“In this regard, I think there are some who complain and say it very loudly on “social media” when Maripier Morin is breathing or living her family life.”

Sophie Durocher is right on all counts. Maripier Morin is entitled to a second chance. And unlike Logan Mailloux, she has never been officially accused of anything.

She never faced justice. Safia Nolin never filed a complaint against Maripier Morin. As the journalist points out, she constantly has to face…the people’s court.

However, Logan Mailloux, although convicted as part of his act, seems to have been more easily forgiven by the public, obviously because he is a talented hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens.

The question arises: would Maripier Morin have had to be a hockey star to obtain public forgiveness?

Sophie Durocher doesn’t stop there. She literally goes to the front to defend Maripier Morin and remind us that if she were a man, or a Montreal Canadiens player, she would have been forgiven a long time ago. Above all, it reminds us how toxic social networks can be.

“I sincerely think it’s time that we, the traditional media, stop giving any importance to what is said in these social ‘merdias’.”

“In the 24 Heures text on Maripier Morin, we speak for example of the very high and very distinguished opinion of Cococute2010. But what tells me that this person has such a fair and insightful judgment that I should give any importance?”

It is crucial to recognize that every individual deserves a second chance after making amends, whether in entertainment or sports.

The indulgence shown towards Mailloux should also apply to Maripier Morin, because redemption should not be a question of profession, but of humanity.

Here is what Chantal Machabée recently said about Mailloux.

“I said at the time that the Canadian should not have drafted him because Logan Mailloux had asked to be exempt from the draft and I found that commendable. But I said in the same breath that if there was a team capable of rectifying the situation and coming out positive from this, it was the Montreal Canadiens.” said the vice-president of communications at the Montreal Canadiens.

“That’s what the Canadian did. That’s what Geoff Molson and France Margaret Bélanger did. Geneviève Paquette did a phenomenal job in this matter. They took charge of Logan and he was just asking to get involved. redeem.”

“But seriously, I love this kid! He’s serious, he does the right thing, in addition to being talented. He’s an extremely friendly young man who speaks French well and we feel that he wants to do well .”

“He wants to make a difference. He learns from this and if he can help other people not to repeat the same mistakes, that can be very positive.”

Quebec has forgiven Logan Mailloux. It’s time he forgave Maripier Morin too. She proved that she deserves her second chance.

It’s time to forgive…outside of hockey…



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